Lindsay’s CALIFORNIA Adventure!

Hello again! I’m so grateful for the support on my new endeavors on my last post & video!

Adventure is one of the elements of my new blog/youtube channel so I’m very excited to present my 1st travel blog/vlog: PART 1 of my trip to the US this spring…my CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!california adventure_thumbnailFor those who don’t already know, I was born and raised in Southern California but for the past 2.5 years have been living far away in Sweden with my Nordic husband! Just this February (after a long 1+ year of green card processing) Jonas was approved to be a US resident and our move is scheduled for this summer, hurray!

We hit a snag when my best friend from high school asked me to be a bridesmaid this spring and so we decided I’d make the trip myself and go for a week and a half to CA and spend a few days in NC on my way back to Sweden (stay tuned for PART 2). This was my 3rd time visiting my family and friends in CA since moving to Sweden but my first time going alone so even though it was sad my hubby couldn’t come too I decided to make the best of it and call it a girls trip!

The first few days were just a whirlwind of celebrating Easter, shopping, and getting ready for the wedding! The rehearsal dinner was a blast and the bride and us bridesmaids got henna done, such a cool experience!

weddingWI absolutely love how the bride & groom fused elements from their Chinese and Indian heritages and added in their own flair with bright colors, nerdy motifs, and the Beatles! I’m so honored to have been apart of their beautiful wedding day!

kazi wedding (4)The day after the wedding my sister and I had planned meetups in Orange County for anyone who wanted to stop by and hang out! This was really my only opportunity to see friends since it was such a quick trip!

04-11-15 (3)Our first stop was to Old Town Orange, one of my favorite spots for lunch and antique shopping! I ALWAYS crave a turkey melt and vanilla malt from Watson’s Soda Fountain when I’ve been away from CA, so my taste buds were in heaven!

04-11-15 (2)Watson’s has been dishing up delicious dishes since 1899 and is such a cute retro diner!

wattsonsWThe last event of my trip was to one of my favorite places in the world…

04-12-15 (2)


04-13-15 (6)

Oh it was a beautiful day, the weather was just right and it was so lovely to see some of the new diamond decorations for the 60th anniversary!

04-13-15 (5)

I can never decide if I love the castle more by day or night…how about BOTH!


I was happy to find this perfect retro polka dress for my Disneyland outfit and of course rocking my Mickey Mouse Club ears!

04-13-15 (2)

I spent the better part of the day just meandering around the parks with my family and eating at all our favorite spots!

04-13-15 (7)

As night fell and the lights began to twinkle I couldn’t help but take some photos of my favorite spots.

04-13-15 (3)

04-13-15 (4)

The highlight of our day was seeing the music show “Mickey’s Magic Map” where Mickey as the sorcerer’s apprentice goes on this magical journey trying to discover the mystery of the map. It was the very end of the play that moved me to tears when Mickey exclaims, “LET THE JOURNEY CONTINUE!” It was one of those magical moments in life when you hear something you needed to hear just exactly at the right time.

04-13-15 (8)

Jonas & I are soon embarking on a new adventure to move to the US! Even though I’m from CA it doesn’t in any way feel like moving “back” and it actually feels completely overwhelming but I chose to look at it as a new exciting chapter! This is something we have been working hard towards and we can’t wait to make our dreams a reality though the I’m sure we’ll face many challenges along the way but what grand adventure can it be without a few good twists and turns?!

let the journey continue_blog_wm

Until next time remember, Let The Journey Continue! Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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