Here is PART 2 of my trip to the US this spring, my North Carolina Adventure!!! If you missed PART 1 of my California adventure you can watch and read here!

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As I explained in the California blog post, since my husband wasn’t able to go on the trip with me I decided to make the most of the situation and stop in North Carolina for a few days on my way back to Sweden to meet my pen pal in real life!

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(Side note: Booking a multi-city destination trip is surprisingly not much more expensive than I originally had thought! I think it’s totally worth the extra money and I plan on making the rest of our trips this way as much as time and means allow, it’s just so much more bang for your buck especially for people who love to travel)

north carolina_wm (17)I will wait until the Pen Pal tag video/Snow White & Rose Red blog post (COMING SOON) to tell you the tale of how Kelsey and I first connected on Instagram and started writing letters and sending small trinkets. What I will say now is that from the beginning of getting to know each other we both couldn’t believe how much we had in common but more than that we both felt a kindred spirit connection in what can best be summed up in this quote: kindred spiritsSo, my adventure to North Carolina was the ultimate girl time trip filled with castles, crafting, photo shoots in the woods, movie nights in PJS, and lots of yummy southern food! I must say it’s it was so good for my soul as I’ve had little to no “girl time” while living in Sweden for almost 3 years!

north carolina_wm (16)My first full day was spent driving up through the misty Appalachian mountains to Asheville to meet our mutual friend Sam! I actually met Sam in person on my first trip to NC, on the same trip where Jonas & I first held hands, but that’s a story for another time…

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The three of us girls had lunch at the Moose Cafe and my oh my was my pulled pork sandwich delicious! I was instantly reminded of how friendly Southerns are when our waitress said to us that we looked so cute and stylish and reminded her of the Witches of Eastwick because of our blonde, red, and black hair…best compliment ever!

three fairy princessesWe had actually been referring to ourselves at the Three Fairy Princesses because of this illustration I found on Pinterest that I thought perfectly suited us but being referred to stylish witches made sense too since we already were wearing our pointy boots! The other best thing our waitress said was that in the South macaroni & cheese is considered a vegetable when I asked if I could have it as a side! I hope I never forget that.

north carolina_wm (14)

Onward to explore the Biltmore Estate and even though at first we were worried about the rain it actually turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a dreamy afternoon wandering the grounds of the castle with my fairy princess sisters.

north carolina_wm (6)

I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the Biltmore Estate! Built by the Vanderbilt family in 1895, the estate is the largest privately owned house in the US.

north carolina_wm (1)It was a delightful surprise that there was a new exhibit called “Dressing Downton” so the 3 of us were positively swooning over all the elegant gowns used on the show Downton Abbey and it only solidified the feeling that we had indeed time traveled to Edwardian era England!

north carolina_wm (5)

I’ve been fortunate to visit many a castle in Europe and I have to say that the Biltmore was just as enchanting as any and is actually one of my favorites I’ve ever been to.

north carolina_wm (4)

It’s easy to see why this location was chosen for such an estate, just look at the view!

north carolina_wm (3)

The grounds were just as enchanting as the inside of the Biltmore.

north carolina_wm (8)

Our eyes were filled with wonder as we looked up thousands of tulips in the garden…north carolina_wm (13)

This beautiful greenhouse that was also filled with all sorts of enchanting flowers. north carolina_wm (12)

north carolina_wm (11)Had we found the secret garden?

north carolina_wm (15)

This was certainly one of the most magical days of my life and I will always hold the memories dear to my heart of this dreamy spring day in the rain at the Biltmore with my fairy princesses sisters!

    north carolina_wm (10)

We parted ways with Sam and the rest of the night for Kelsey & I was spent crafting like mad women for our photo shoot the next day.

  north carolina_wm (9)

Kelsey had the brilliant inspiration that we should do a Snow White & Rose Red themed photo shoot as a tribute to soul sister friendship we have. It was a very cold and wet morning but the perfect setting for a fairytale photo shoot in the woods! I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos and tell the tale of our kindred spirit connection and how it relates to this special fairytale!

snow white & rose red (1)The last few hours of my time in NC with Kelsey were spent eating more Southern food and antique shopping, I couldn’t think of a more fitting ending to such a wonderful trip! I left with so much love and joy in my heart though it was hard to say goodbye to such a special friend! However, we’re already trying to plan our next adventure together. So instead of saying goodbye, let’s just say until next time, bye for now…

-Lindsay of Sheaves


3 responses to “My NORTH CAROLINA Adventure!

  1. This was one of most magical times EVER!! ❤ It was such a joy and blessing to be able to spend time with my soul sister! Daniel and I are already talking about making a trip out to CA in the next year or so 🙂


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