Winter Lookbook

Winter is probably my least favorite season to dress for; I find all the layers, scarves, and gloves to be suffocating though I can agree pretty to look at, as is the snow! Despite my distaste for wintertime, I managed to put together 3 winter outfits with 1 common theme…VELVET! I didn’t plan that, it just turned out that way! Also, I must admit that though I prefer greener pastures I couldn’t be more pleased with the 3 winter wonderland locations we found (Prosten Pihl’s Gård, Öster-Malma Slott, & Södertuna Slott) and it truly felt like a walking in a snowy fairytale.
winter lookbook_thumbnail_2
If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below! *Warning: I buy a lot of things on eBay because for me it has been hard to find clothing in my style or at an affordable price in Sweden*
OUTFIT 1: I bought this dress to wear for Christmas and I got so many compliments…even from strangers, and that rarely happens in Sweden!
-Red & Black Velvet Polka Dot Dress: eBay
-Winter Boots
-Snow White Silhouette Necklace: Etsy
I couldn’t be more obsessed with this necklace, I feel it totally sums up me!
This location gave me Beauty and the Beast vibes for some reason, I think it’s the hedges and cypress trees!
OUTFIT 2: I felt like a Little “Black” Riding Hood in this outfit (notice even the wolf statue in the background!) walking in a winter fairytale.
-Pyon Pyon LY-024 Gothic Winter Coat:
THIS COAT…has saved my style this winter. I’ve now lived through 3 Swedish winters and the first 2 I only had this big ugly typical puffy winter jacket that I felt only took away and covered up my style. I decided this last winter that I was going to do something about this and found my dream coat and it was on sale, so I snatched this baby up and have worn it all winter!
As much as I love this coat and feel like a life size gothic lolita doll I do have a few reservations about it. The shoulders are quite tight as is the bust area when buttoned but despite some of the drawbacks the tradeoff of feeling like I’m actually wearing my style has helped me immensely to get through winter!
-Leather Gloves
Also, this coat is so fun to spin in!
-Faux Fur Boot Cuffs
How dreamy is this mansion? I felt like I had tripped into Narnia with all the ornate lamp posts!
-Vintage Style Turban: Etsy
I’m kind of obsessed with this turban, I think it’s so fun mixing gothic and vintage inspired looks together to get a unique outfit.
 -Vintage Brooch: Etsy
Gotta love this art deco style silver brooch with black onyx stone
OUTFIT 3: This was my Valentines Day oufit; lots of velvet, pink, and red! My husband & I had a lovely and fancy high tea at this gorgeous castle and it was the perfect setting for my 3rd winter outfit.
-Red Rose Headband: Etsy
 I actually held a giveaway on Instagram for this headband I made that perfectly matched my outfit for Valentines Day.
-Red Rose & Black Lace Chocker: J. Cederstrom Design
My lovely and talented friend Jeanette made this beautiful gothic chocker and I would really recommend checking out her design page, she makes the most beautiful dresses as well!
-Pink Velvet Top: eBay
A funny story about this piece that is actually a dress. I have learned my less about buying dresses on eBay from China! They always look so cute on the models but on me they never fit right and there seems to always be something wrong with them. With this one not only did the listing say the dress was RED (and turned out to be a very bright pink) but the dress part was sooo short I had to stuff it under a skirt. It worked out though in the end when I realized it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit!
-Corset Belt: eBay
-Velvet Lace Skirt: Fashion store in California
-Victorian Style Boots: Funtasma
I really love the thorny rose bush branches and lamp post in this photo, a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband for shooting the video and taking the photos for my winter lookbook!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my winter lookbook video as well the photos. This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other spring, summer, and fall lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel! If you’d like to see some fun BTS from my husband & I in a winter wonderland, you can watch HERE and HERE on Tales of Sheaves.

Don’t forget to follow me on for more fashion & outfits! Which wintertime outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

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