Spring Lookbook

Ah, lovely springtime…it comes a little later in the year to Sweden than most of the rest of the world, therefore so does my spring lookbook too since I wanted to wait for the pretty flowers and green leaves to appear! I feel so blessed to have found 3 beautiful locations (Tullgarns Slott, Fagerås, & Nynäs Slott) full of spring loveliness and I hope you enjoy the three outfits I put together as this is about as “floral” as I’ve ever gotten! If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below!

spring lookbook_thumbnailOUTFIT 1: Springtime in Sweden can still be pretty chilly so I had to pair this dress with long sleeves, leggings, and a cardigan but with the floral embroidery it still felt quite “springy”. I felt like I was in my favorite movie “Big Fish” with the forest full of daffodils!
spring lookbook_wm (6)

-Orange Flower Crown: Sheaves Creations (Etsy)

-Silver Heart Necklace: eBay

spring lookbook_wm (8)

-Cropped Cardigan: Fashion store in CA

-Black & White Embroidery Dress: Ross

-Boots: Kohl’s

spring lookbook_wm (9)

OUTFIT 2: When I found this yellow top (that is actually a dress) it instantly reminded me of a daffodil with the bright yellow color and ruffled neckline.

spring lookbook_wm (14)

This outfit is the most “fancy” compared to the other 2 outfits in this lookbook and I think fit perfectly at Tullgarns Slott (one of Sweden’s royal palaces).

spring lookbook_wm (10)

-Daffodil Hair Clip:  DIY

-Yellow Ruffle Top: Fashion store in CA

-Pencil Skirt: Ross

spring lookbook_wm (12)

-Polka Dot Tights: Walmart

-Victorian Boots: Funtasma

spring lookbook_wm (13)

OUTFIT 3: This look was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day since I always find myself listening to a great deal of Celtic music and this is the only green dress I own. spring lookbook_wm (4)

As the white wood anemones started appearing all over I realized they resembled the white embroidery on my dress and with my white flower crown to match I felt like I could almost disappear into the Swedish forest in camouflage. spring lookbook_wm (3)

-White Flower Crown: Sheaves Creations (Etsy)

-Green & White Embroidery Dress: Ross

spring lookbook_wm (1)

-Four Leaf Clover Necklace: Flax & Kite (Etsy)

-Brown Purse: Forever 21

-Boots: Kohl’s

spring lookbook_wm (2)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my Spring lookbook video as well the photos. This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other spring, summer, and fall lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel! If you’d like to see some fun BTS from my husband & my May Day weekend where we frolicked in the daffodil forest and celebrating Swedish Valborg, you can watch HERE on Tales of Sheaves.

Don’t forget to follow me on lookbook.nu/lindsayofsheaves for more fashion & outfits! Which springtime outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves


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