Summer Solstice Lookbook

“Midsommar” is my favorite holiday to celebrate in Sweden! What’s not to love about putting flowers in your hair, dancing around a maypole, and eating strawberries?!

When my husband & I decided to go on a little road trip and spend the holiday with his family on the west side of Sweden I instantly started to think about what I was going to wear. Midsummer is the perfect time of year to use my folk/viking/gothic bohemian inspired outfits and these are the two I put together for the summer solstice celebration!

summer solstice lookbook_thumbnail

OUTFIT 1: Midsummer Eve

For Swedish midsommar it’s tradition to wear flower crowns and while I wish I had been able to make a one made out of wild flowers, my recent hand surgery keeps me from getting too crafty so I went with this white one I made previously. I realized the flowers perfectly matched with the white embroidery on this folk inspired dress I bought at Ross ages ago.

summer solstice lookbook_grid (1)

I accessorized with my bronze viking knot necklace, white knotted belt, and my knee high boots. As you can see, I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt and thick leggings because Sweden can still be quite chilly even on a holiday celebrating the sun!

midsommar 2015_wm (11)

I was surprised how well my outfit fit with the surrounds of the open air museum we went to see the midsommar festivies of raising and dancing ’round the maypole! The old farm buildings were so charming there, especially the little grass covered one, it felt like it could have been an old viking village!

summer solstice lookbook_wm (4)

OUTFIT 2: Midsummer Day

What a beautiful day it was, the weather was just right and we spent most of the day wandering around an old farm turned cafe and then this beautiful medieval church ruin.

  summer solstice lookbook_grid (2)

I was inspired by the gothic bohemian/witchy look for this outfit so I paired the black “flowy” pieces from my closet and tied them together with some gray accents. I was so glad it was warm enough to wear these sandals again and of course I had to tuck some wild flowers in my hair.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (5)

It’s not often I get to use this hand crochet shawl that a sweet friend made for me that’s so unique, I jumped at the chance to wear it again for midsummer.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (8)

I’ve grown to see why the summer solstice is so important in the Nordic lands because it grew so important for me as well. Perhaps before I took the sunshine for granted (though not the heat) having spent most of my life thus far in California. Having now lived in Sweden for nearly 3 years I noticed myself longing for sunshine and warmth and to so looked forward to the time when the sun almost stands still in the sky. When everything is green and the earth, people, and cute summer cafes come to life again for a few months.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (10)

Through those long dark winter months I had to learn how to always keep a piece of “blue skies & sunshine” in my heart and that is something I hope to bring with me for the rest of my life no matter where I go or the season…sending you and yours best wishes for a lovely summer season!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

If you’d like to see more photos + a vlog from my husband and my midsommar weekend adventures just click HERE!

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