Black, White, & Red All Over

Merry Christmas in July! When and how did that even become a thing? polkagris_wm (7)

Before my husband & I moved to California this summer we planned a road trip to celebrate the Swedish “Midsommar” holiday with family and on the way he suggested we stop in GrΓ€nna. He showed me photos of the most quaint little village and instantly I knew I had to do an outfit inspired by their famous “polkagris” candy!

polkagris_wm (5)

Polkagris” (literally translated: polka pig) was first first invented in this town in 1859. The traditional shape is a peppermint flavored candy stick and the classic color combo of red and white stripes is what defines the meaning of “polka” and there are about a dozen old-fashioned candy shops scattered along the main street of the town where you can even watch them making them!

polkagris_wm (3)

I didn’t have any clothes that are red and white so I used this cute black & white striped and added red accents. I definitely felt apart of the little town’s color scheme and I think I got an odd look or two as well hihi!

Β  polkagris_wm (8)

Even though in Sweden “polkagrisar” aren’t necessarily a Christmas candy it sure feels like you’re at Santa’s workshop walking down the main street, aren’t the store fronts just too picturesque?!

polkagris_wm (9)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Rose Headband-DIY // Dress-Forever 21 // Belt-Thrifted // Leggings-Fashion Store in California // Necklace-eBay // Flats-Payless

Would you care to take a virtual stroll through GrΓ€nna? You can see the vlog + blog post from our midsummer weekend HERE!

Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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