Orange + Ice Cream in Trosa

Ahhh, Sweden in the summertime is a beautiful thing! My husband & I were in much need of a relaxing day together after a few weeks of dealing with my hand surgery and Jonas’ last few weeks at work. We knew Trosa would be the perfect place to go and wander, get some delicious ice cream, and soak in the sunshine.

trosa outfit_wm (1)

I was so happy to FINALLY bust out my summer dresses, though I was still a bit cold that day hihi! This orange dress with white embroidery felt perfect to wear in such a quaint little village!

trosa outfit_wm (2)

If you’re ever in southern Sweden you MUST stop in Trosa and take a stroll along the canal that runs through it. The doll house like buildings really make you feel like stepped into a fairy tale. trosa outfit_wm (5)

This “magical telephone booth” was something we hadn’t seen before!

trosa outfit_wm (4)

Such an darling idea to put a book exchange in an old-fashioned Swedish telephone booth!

trosa outfit_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Orange Flower-DIY // Dress-Thrifted // Belt-Thrifted // Cropped Cardigan-Fashion Store in California // Flats-Walmart

trosa outfit_wm (6)

Would you care to take a virtual stroll through Trosa with me? You can see the vlog + blog post from our June HERE!

Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

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