3 Disney Retro Inspired Outfits (D23 EXPO 2015)

My wonderful husband had surprised me this last Christmas (when we were still living in Sweden) with tickets to the D23 EXPO, the ultimate Disney fan event!!! I was so surprised and immediately started crying tears of joy! We knew we’d be moving to California in the new year but since Jonas was still in the midst of his green card process we weren’t sure when it would happen! There was always a part of us that was afraid to get too excited for this convention in case our crazy random lives took us elsewhere BUT we ended up moving to CA in July! So I can truly say that going to D23 was a dream come true after all our hard work!!!

d23 lookbook_thumbnailD23 is definitely a place for Disney fans to pull out their best Disney inspired costumes and cosplay. Alas, because of our current situation we didn’t even want to think about trying to figure out costumes (though we have many ideas for the future) and went with Disneybounding instead, which personally I love and find can be just as creative as cosplay, except you can wear it anywhere!

OUTFIT 1: For the first day I went with a classic Minnie Mouse inspired look! A sweet friend recently gifted me this cute red & white polka dot dress that instantly made me think of Minnie’s cute retro style!

d23 lookbook_grid (1)

Mickey Ears-Disneyland // Dress-Stop Staring // Belt-Thrifted // Red Everline Flats-Bait Footwear

d23 lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT 2: Saturday was the day we devoted to the “Once Upon a Time” panel “An Evening With Snow White & The Evil Queen” (which btw, I had a total fangirl moment when we saw Ginnifer Goodwin & Lana Parrilla walking the show floor and taking selfies a few hours before the panel which you can watch HERE)

d23 lookbook_grid (2)

Of course I had to do a Snow White Disneybound for this special occasion and I knew this skirt was exactly what I wanted for that retro/pinup outfit inspired by the fairest one of all! Isn’t the print divine?

d23 lookbook_wm (11)

I felt like a princess at the ball in my first ever Pinup Girl Clothing piece and I got so many compliments!

Hair Scarf- Doll Me Up Inc. // “Once Upon a Time” Necklace-DIY // Apple Necklace-Gift // Yellow Belt-Thrifted // Skirt-Pinup Girl Clothing // Black Flats-Payless

d23 lookbook_wm (9)

OUTFIT 3: By the 3rd day my feet were begging for comfort so I put together a more “casual” outfit showing off my Disney Goth side, which oddly enough I think got the most compliments when I felt like I was more dressed down than the other days! Go figure!

Bow-Swap meet // Top-H&M (In Sweden) // Skirt-Ross // Belt-eBay // Tights-eBay // Shoes-T.U.K. Creepers

d23 lookbook_grid (3)

Which outfit is YOUR favorite?! I had fun putting together these looks together and…I guess I like wearing red?!? I hope to do more Disney inspired looks in the future!

d23 lookbook_grid (4)

I hope you enjoy seeing the outfits in action as well as some clips from the expo! If you’d like to see the full coverage of this dream come true weekend just head over to Tales of Sheaves!

    Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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