August Outfits

Well hello there September! I’m SO excited for fall and spooky outfits that shall come…but FIRST let’s look back at the adventures and outfits of August! We kicked off the month by going to The Packing House‘s 1 year anniversary bash, although it’s been around since 1919 during the citrus days of California.

THE PACKING HOUSE: Top-Thrifted // Skirt-Ross // Tights-Target // Shoes-T.U.K. Creepers

august outfits_wm (1)

THE OLD WEST: Dress-Ross // Belt-eBay// Cat Eye Sunglasses-Target

august outfits_wm (2)

It’s always a pleasure revisiting Tom’s Farms in Corona, CA…one of my favorite childhood places to explore! Whenever I get a taste of a butterscotch candy stick it takes me INSTANTLY back to my childhood, how about you?!

august outfits_wm (6)

CORN FESTIVAL: Striped Hair Clip-Swapmeet // Dress-Buffalo Exchange // Belt-eBay // Striped Tights-eBay// Shoes-TUK Creepers

My good friend Tayler introduced me to the tradition of going to the La Habra Corn Festival in August and I’m so happy I could introduce this tradition to my husband! I just love all the colorful designs of the booths and for some reason I felt like going spooky that day.

august outfits_wm (7)

D23 EXPO LOOKBOOK: Probably my favorite outfits of the August were for the D23 Expo (The Ultimate Disney Fan Event) where I put together 3 retro inspired Disney style outfits/Disneybounds which you can see more of HERE!

d23 lookbook_grid (4)

  VENICE BEACH FREAK SHOW: Striped Bow-Swapmeet // Cateye Sunglasses-Target // Hi Lo Dress-Walmart // Striped Leggings-eBay // Studded Sandals-Payless

august outfits_wm (8)

My first time to Venice beach sure felt like a freak show, but in an artsy not too scary kind of way! Jonas & I went there to see the filming location of MacGyver‘s first apartment which you can see more of HERE!

august outfits_wm (5)

HALLOWEEN MOON: Mini Witch Hat-Hobby Lobby // Bat Necklace // Victorian Ruffle Blouse-Ross // Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-eBay // Victorian Boots-Funtasma

Jonas & I got to be apart of an amazing collaboration with our good friends of Dappsy, who have a paper moon shoppe! If you know me, you know that I’m a vintage Halloween fanatic so having the honor of styling the wardrobe and set design for the paper moon my husband designed and painted…was a dream come true! See more photos + behind the scenes of the making of the Jack-O’-Lantern paper moon HERE!

august outfits_wm (9)

SUMMER ACCESSORIES: I had a few random photos I thought I’d add here from some accessories I wore a lot of this summer.

I like to call these my SUMMER GOTH ESSENTIALS: Parasol-eBay // Striped sun hat-Payless // Cat Eye Sunglasses-Target // Studded Sandals-Payless

august outfits_wm (3)

I also wore quite a lot of my Mickey Mouse ears which I finally got embroidered with SHEAVES so I can always be repping the #SheavesTribe at the happiest place on earth!

august outfits_wm (4)If you would like to see more photos + vlog of my August adventures with Jonas in our second month living in California together, just click HERE!

What was your favorite outfit? I wonder what adventures and outfits will be in store for September!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

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