My New Retro Haircut + Style!

Hello again! I’m back with another post in my #ROADTORETRO series where I take you guys along for the ride on my road to recovery and share what I learn on my journey to rediscovering my style!

hair update_thumbnail

I got my second retro/vintage inspired haircut from the lovely Tara Alexander (she’s amazing and if you’re in the OC you must get in to see her!) My hair doesn’t look too different from my last haircut (where I chopped off my long hair HERE!) as fair as length goes but she added layers and it made a world of difference! My hair feels lighter and has more movement even on the days I just let it air dry.

Tara was sweet to do classic bettie page waves on me and show me how I can eventually build up to doing it myself since my hand is still gaining its strength back after my surgery. I tried for the first time to accomplish this look on my own for Dapper Day at Disneyland and spent several hours sweating in the bathroom and wanting to through the curling iron! Tara had made it look so easy but I quickly learned that I still have a ways to go though I hope to keep up the positivity as I did the day of the haircut which you can hear in the video below.

hair update

I also realized how important it is to have professional supplies to achieve this look (which you think I would know being a former hairstylist myself). My stylist gave me some really great product tips that I want to share with you now and hope to review soon once I acquire them myself.


On my to buy list are:

Babyliss Nano Tools Rotating Curling Iron: I really hope this product will change my life as far as hair styling goes since after my hand surgery it’s made using a normal curling iron so difficult. I REALLY can’t wait to try it out for myself and I hope the way you spin it with your thumb instead of your wrist will help making curls so much easier!

Kenra Products-So many ladies in the vintage/retro community rave about these and I can’t wait to get my hands on the super hold finishing volume hairspray, firm hold heat protection spray, pomade…among others but I think those would be good starter products to try.

Side Combs: Since most days I don’t style my hair while my hand is still healing, I’ve tried using bows and hair scarfs to make me feel a little cuter and I’d like to add side combs into the mix that give that pretty side swept 1940s look that keeps your hair out of your face.


I like to look at photos of these modern pinup muses (Miss Victory Violet, Bernie Dexter, Micheline Pitt) for inspiration to know that eventually I will be able to achieve glamorous dark waves like these lovely ladies; it will just take time to heal, practice, and finding the products that work for my situation.

Despite the long road ahead I have yet to travel in this hair and healing journey I saw and felt something different in myself after my new haircut. I felt a new hope and saw a sparkle in my eyes again! As much fun vintage hair and retro styling is, the most important thing to me is finding a way to make my inner beauty shine on the outside as well, and I feel I’m a few baby steps closer!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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