Dapper Day Fall 2015 (Cruella De Vil DisneyBound)

DAPPER DAY!!! I had a fabulous time at my first dapper day at the swankiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND! It was so fun getting a peek into how Disneyland may have looked on opening day since everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.

dapper day-fall 2015_thumbnail

I think my favorite part though was seeing what creative outfits people came up with and even created themselves! Jonas & I went with a 101 Dalmatians couple DisneyBound as Cruella De Vil and Pongo!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (1)

Who can disagree that Cruella is the most dapper Disney villain of them all?!


We actually hadn’t planned on doing a Disney inspired dapper look but between a few thrift store trips the pieces just started calling our names and before we knew it, BAM, we had this cute ensemble!

 dapper day-fall 2015_wm (2)

I have a new favorite thrift store (Savers) where I got most of the pieces to my outfit, I can’t even believe how lucky i got! The first piece to catch my eye was the spotted top which was actually a dress…but the bottom part was really unflattering. Then I found this adorable skirt with pleats and cut off the bottom of the spotted dress and VOILA, it looks like a new dress!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (3)

DETAILS! I love adding special touches to make the look even more unique! I added a Cruella De Vil Disney pin to the bow on my top paired with red satin gloves for that oh so glamorous Cruella look!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (4)

I knew I wanted a cute fancy little hat to complete the outfit but was loosing hope that I’d find one in time (and was too late to order one online) but then on another trip to Savers I found this adorable little red hat from the Halloween section!!!

Since we recently moved to CA i stumbled upon a few pieces of scrap dalmatian fabric (from the time I was Cruella for Halloween when my hair was actually half black & white) and added it as a trim which I think totally sealed the dapper dalmatian look! (Comment if you’d like to see a DIY or outfit tutorial)

   dapper day-fall 2015_wm (5)

I can’t wait till the next dapper day in the spring where hopefully it won’t be as hot and we can spend more time there and seeing everyone’s outfits! This amazing unofficial day keeps getting bigger each year and I’m so glad I went to the Dapper Day Expo the following day to see all the lovely retro clothing lines and vintage booths! I hope you enjoyed seeing our outfits and coming along with me and Jonas in the vlog!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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