O.C. Disney History outside of Disneyland!

Disney and Halloween are two of my most VERY favorite things, put them together and you get a VERY happy Lindsay! Usually this would mean seeing all my favorite decorations at Disneyland during the fall but in this post I’m talking about Disney history and a spooky adventure in Orange County, CA outside of Disneyland with my husband and our friend Nina!

spooky disney_thumbnail

Since moving to Orange County this year from Sweden, it’s been fun exploring the area and finding amazing places just in our “own backyard”. One of those places is the Founders’ Park in Downtown Anaheim where 2 of the oldest Victorian homes of the city are located.

09-05-15 (26)w

Can we just talk about how swoon worthy this mansion is?!

09-05-15 (44)bw_w

Nina & I of course had to wear something spooky and striped in our own Tim Burton-esque inspired outftis. 09-05-15 (49)w

Now you’re probably wondering where the Disney history comes in?…

09-05-15 (63)bw_w

…this incredibly epic fig tree was planted in the late 1800s and was used as the model for the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (now the Tarzan Treehouse) at Disneyland. The roots are massive and it’s very easy to picture how Walt Disney and his imagineers could have imagined a tree house amongst the tall strong branches.

09-05-15 (85)w

Then we headed to Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar to see their amazing Halloween boutique (which you can see more of in the video below) and it just so “happens” that there is another piece of Disney history outside of Disneyland! The original Disneyland band stand!

This gazebo stood on Main Street U.S.A. but didn’t stay there very long since they realized it blocked the view of the castle and was moved around different places during the first two decades of Disneyland. It found its new home in the 1970s when it was moved to Roger’s Gardens.

09-05-15 (171)w

It’s so fun to see pieces of Disney history and inspiration outside of Disneyland and I hope to go on more fun adventures like this now that we are living in CA! I hope you enjoyed coming along on the history adventure as well as seeing some spooky fun places with me!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


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