WINTER FASHION TIPS + Gothic Coat Review!

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Winter is here and I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share my collaboration with the lovely Jeanette Karlsson Cederström who I had the pleasure of meeting in Sweden when I was still living there!

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This last winter we both had gotten the same gothic coat and I asked if she would like to review it with me and her husband Micke also took some really epic photos of us in the beautiful old town of Strängäs!

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In the video you can hear both of our perspectives on the coat as it fit Jeanette like a glove but as for myself I had a little more trouble with it but nevertheless I love the coat!

THE COAT: Pyon Pyon LY-024-Description from where I purchased mine on sale for 86.70€/$100:

“Gothic Lolita Coat. A good quality coat in Gothic Lolita style. Sewn of a decent, black fabric. Lined up with warm fleece. Fitted at the waist, widening towards the bottom. Down of the coat, sleeves and hood finished with fake fur.
Coat decorated with guipure lace.
Coat has pockets and it’s tied up on the back.”

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PROS: Surprisingly warm even in minus temps, quality material/cute detailing, good length, hood is adorable and warm, and best of all I feel like myself in it!

CONS: Tight in shoulders, bow in the back hurts when sitting, takes forever to button up/bust buttons too tight, I had to re-sew the buttons on, pockets are small and at an awkward angle, and it’s heavy to care if you need to take it off. I highly recommend buying a size up than your usual.

winter coat_wm (4)

WINTER FASHION TIPS: I’m a California girl that lived through 3 Swedish winters and it was really only the last one that I felt like I had learned what worked for me. I moved to Sweden in December 2012 (the longest and coldest winter they had had for years) and I had no clue how to dress for winter.


The only coat I wore for those 5 months of winter was what I now affectionately call “the puffy jacket of hatred” because I despise that thing SO MUCH…I think you know the type I mean, the kind with down feathers inside and makes you look like the Micheline man?! While it is practical and I understand why that’s the style most people go for, I just couldn’t handle NOT feeling like I was wearing my style on the outside!


SO thanks to this gothic winter coat and a few tips, I feel like I found a good way to cope with the frigid winters, Let’s go from top to bottom:

  1. HATS: I can’t handle wearing them but if you can great! My head got to hot when I came indoors and worse of all…hat hair!
  2. HOODIE: This was my favorite trusty trick, I would wear a hoodie underneath my winter coat that I could easily zip up to my neck or down depending on how hot or cold I was. Doing this I didn’t always need a scarf and the hood was great for keeping my head warm and hair from flying around. When you come indoors and take of your coat you still have a hoodie to keep you warm.
  3. SCARVES: I really dislike scarves, I always feel as if I’m being strangled but sometimes you just gotta have one and in that case if I wore one that was cute it made it easier for me!
  4. GLOVES: I tried faux leather ones (that looked stylish but were hard to grab/feel things), thick gloves (for extremely cold days), and gloves with the fingers exposed which ended up being my go to since I preferred to feel things and was the only way I could use my touch screen phone.
  5. LAYERS: I tried different long sleeve shirts made for winter and I found those to never be comfortable for me, I ended up just getting a plain cotton long sleeve shirt that I would layer under my dresses or t-shirts.
  6. LONG JOHNS: Hate them, but can’t avoid them in minus degrees! I also tried fancy ones made for winter or ones made of fleece and NEVER AGAIN! I found those kinds to be uncomfortable and always too tight! The kind I ended up using the most was a thicker kind of legging from H&M that worked great for me. I would layer them under jeggings under a skirt of dress!
  7. SOCKS: Oh this is one that took me forever to figure out…Most often I had to wear at least 2 pairs at a time: 1 wool pair and 1 cotton and I would layer them alternately with my long johns and pants otherwise the bands would cut into my skin so badly when I’d take off my socks at the end of the day I’d have huge imprints on my skin and rashes.
  8. SHOES: I found that there are all kinds of “fun” winter boots but I stick with one that are easy to take off when you come indoors. I found gothic style ones with a zipper on the side and ones that were slip on. I also recommend wearing a half or full size up from your usual size to make room for your extra socks!


I hope my tips of how to stay warm and cute and feel like yourself in winter can help you! I also have a winter lookbook video + blog post where you can see how I styled 3 gothic outfits and you can see the coat  more in action as well!


Stay warm & bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

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