Hello dearies and HAPPY SINTERKLAAS DAY!

Come along with me and my friends to a magical festival in Rhinebeck, New York!


This charming village keeps the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas alive plus adds their own fantastic touches with a whole day full of magical creatures, multicultural music, and a fantasy parade! The whole main street opened their doors and had different activities such as magic shows, crown making, storytelling, puppet theater, circus performers, and the list goes on and on! Everywhere you looked there was something magical happening!sinterklaas-2016_wm-3

Every year they have a different animal theme and this was the year of the OWL! People were wearing feathered masks and there was even a giant cuckoo clock being operated by a owls! It was very obvious how much creativity and hand crafting went into every detail of the planning!


I’ve always been a “night owl” myself and it was such an amazing experience when the whole audience started HOOTING at the end stage of the parade. The owl queen came up and said a few words and this quote really resonated with me, she said: “In times of darkness do as the owl and turn your head the other way.”


My favorite part of the whole event though was when the whole crowd started singing “This Little Light Of Mine” and I could just feel the warmth and light from people’s hearts as we sang “Shine all over New York, Standing Rock, and the whole world!”


Jonas & I have definitely found a new favorite winter tradition! We loved how the whole experience and how it fused everything we love into one winter spectacular! It’s fun finding new traditions for us in a place we’ve both never lived before. Bye for now,

Lindsay of Sheaves

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