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I tend to confuse people when they find out I’m a California girl, married to a Swede, living in New York⁉ I thought a “Get To Know Me Tag”/Q&A would be a fun way to explain my background, interests, and how I’ve become the woman I am today! 😊 Thank you for your lovely questions and I hope you enjoy getting to know more about me and don’t forget to tell me in the comments something fun about you❤

Spring In My Step

AT LAST! Spring has sprung in New York and I couldn’t be more excited to see charming old towns come back to life after a long winter. Come along with me & Jonas to the Nyack street fair filled with loads of fun vendors, enchanted boutiques, and a Victorian house cafe on the most gorgeous spring day!

This is literally the first time in MONTHS that I’ve worn lashes, lipstick, and the best part…FLATS!!! Farewell, snow boots and winter coats!

nyack spring fair_wm (2)

I finally felt a “spring” in my step again as the warm sunshine kissed my face this weekend. Oh, the wonderful feeling of curling your hair and letting it blow in the soft breeze. I’m thrilled that it’s hair scarf weather again, I knew I had to bust out my nifty 50’s scarf in “white” for such an occasion!

nyack spring fair_wm (3)

When I saw the forecast for a warm weekend I knew it was time again to reach for my white and red poppy dress that I found at a Goodwill in Virginia last spring. I paired it with another lucky New York Goodwill find with this black and white lace cardigan with the cutest little pearl details.

nyack spring fair_wm (4)

I was never much of a floral kind of gal until the last few years when my whole heart longed to be bathed in flowers and sunshine. Now, I have my eye on a quite a few floral novelty print dresses, hope to snag some soon and be able to dress on the outside what I’m feeling on the inside!

nyack spring fair_wm (5)

The first snowdrops and crocus have started popping up around Buxton Cottage and I’m so thrilled to watch the spring awaken around our vintage home. Speaking of vintage homes, it was so fun stumbling across the Edward Hopper House & Art Center. A realist painter whose work inspired Alfred Hitchcock in films such as “Psycho”!

nyack spring fair_wm (6)

I love that there is so much historic everywhere we go in this part of colonial America. I can’t wait to keep exploring it and plan more fun adventures as we head into summer. What about you, have you any fun fair weather plans?

nyack spring fair_wm (1)

Wishing all fresh inspiration and to feel that “spring” in your step again! Bye For Now,

Lindsay of Sheaves


{MARCH 2017}

ACCIDENTALLY PERMANENTLY DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS FROM HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE! 😦 I made a huge mistake at the start of March and I’m still devastated and trying save what I can. This was a HUGE set back for me and really showed me how important it is to take care of your memories and share them, so I hope you enjoy coming along with me & Jonas in my daily life adventures via Instagram stories and don’t forget to follow me @lindsayofsheaves to see things as they are happening! ❤

February 2017

Hello dearies! Wow, between trying to find furniture for our tiny home, working, being sick, snow days, and drama at work this month has just flown by!!!

Settling into our cottage has been fun but also challenging! (You can read all about it on Tales of Sheaves.) I’m so thrilled the weather has been warming up and even though it was a good winter, I’m so excited for spring!


I hope you enjoy coming along with me & Jonas in my daily life adventures via Instagram stories and don’t forget to follow me @lindsayofsheaves to see things as they are happening! Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves