Embracing Change

Hello dearies! My #LindsayofSheaves YouTube channel was long overdue for an update video, hope you enjoying hanging out with me in the enchanted forest where I share what’s been on my mind and heart lately!
I’ve been learning to embrace change and what makes me unique in every season of my life. Jonas & I have sure had a lot of adventures (and some misadventures) and in all or travels and life changes I’ve come to want to embrace what life is teaching me in that season. I like to reflect that also in how I dress even if I’m switching up my style from faerie to retro to goth to country…or a mix of all of those! Who’s to say you aren’t supposed to do that?!
embrace change_grid (1)
Also thought it’d be fun to  share photos of some of my fashion journey thus far in hopes of inspiring you to have fun with your style and don’t worry about what others may think, just be one-of-a-kind YOU! I’ve had fun with all kinds of styles from my punk rock high school days to my glam metal hair-styling phase. Around the time of my wedding I started to enjoy wearing dresses, something I had never done before!
embrace change_grid (2)
Living in Sweden brought out the faerie and medieval viking in me. In California I enjoyed vamping it up and getting a taste of the retro/vintage world with a splash of Disney style! In the south I had fun being a country girl and visiting Sweden in the summer has brought out the mermaid in me.
embrace change_grid (3)
So glad to be posting this update video in case you’ve been wondering what happened to my #roadtoretro series and why the focus has shifted to different things on my social media! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been following along on my crazy adventures around the world and with fashion, it means so much to have you along for the ride! Hope to continue to have you along for the adventures and remember that you are beautiful and one of a kind! Dare to dream and have fun in all seasons of life!! Bye For Now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

Dapper Day Fall 2015 (Cruella De Vil DisneyBound)

DAPPER DAY!!! I had a fabulous time at my first dapper day at the swankiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND! It was so fun getting a peek into how Disneyland may have looked on opening day since everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.

dapper day-fall 2015_thumbnail

I think my favorite part though was seeing what creative outfits people came up with and even created themselves! Jonas & I went with a 101 Dalmatians couple DisneyBound as Cruella De Vil and Pongo!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (1)

Who can disagree that Cruella is the most dapper Disney villain of them all?!


We actually hadn’t planned on doing a Disney inspired dapper look but between a few thrift store trips the pieces just started calling our names and before we knew it, BAM, we had this cute ensemble!

 dapper day-fall 2015_wm (2)

I have a new favorite thrift store (Savers) where I got most of the pieces to my outfit, I can’t even believe how lucky i got! The first piece to catch my eye was the spotted top which was actually a dress…but the bottom part was really unflattering. Then I found this adorable skirt with pleats and cut off the bottom of the spotted dress and VOILA, it looks like a new dress!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (3)

DETAILS! I love adding special touches to make the look even more unique! I added a Cruella De Vil Disney pin to the bow on my top paired with red satin gloves for that oh so glamorous Cruella look!

dapper day-fall 2015_wm (4)

I knew I wanted a cute fancy little hat to complete the outfit but was loosing hope that I’d find one in time (and was too late to order one online) but then on another trip to Savers I found this adorable little red hat from the Halloween section!!!

Since we recently moved to CA i stumbled upon a few pieces of scrap dalmatian fabric (from the time I was Cruella for Halloween when my hair was actually half black & white) and added it as a trim which I think totally sealed the dapper dalmatian look! (Comment if you’d like to see a DIY or outfit tutorial)

   dapper day-fall 2015_wm (5)

I can’t wait till the next dapper day in the spring where hopefully it won’t be as hot and we can spend more time there and seeing everyone’s outfits! This amazing unofficial day keeps getting bigger each year and I’m so glad I went to the Dapper Day Expo the following day to see all the lovely retro clothing lines and vintage booths! I hope you enjoyed seeing our outfits and coming along with me and Jonas in the vlog!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

An Invincible Spring

the awakening of spring_wm (21)“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer (spring). And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” quote by author Albert Camus from “The Stranger”endless_spring

I came across this image above last “spring” and it made such an impact on me. I had to track down where the quote came from and found it was by Albert Camus and was translated (very loosely) from French. Most translations say summer at the end but it was this image that said spring that helped me through a seemingly endless winter in Sweden.the awakening of spring_wm (27)

As a California girl it happened to be my first “real” winter ever and it also happened to be the longest and coldest winter on record for many years. My husband & I moved to Sweden together in December 2012 and his family had been hoping and praying for snow so that I would get to experience a real white Christmas and I also was looking forward to that. But then there was a white New Years, white Valentine’s day, white St. Patrick’s day, white Easter…do I need to keep going? Needless to say the endless amounts of snow, ice, darkness, and negative degree temperatures got REALLY old. I started to hate snow and it seemed that every time it started to melt and I would get a glimmer of hope that spring was coming I would wake up the next day only to look out my window to a fresh blanket of snow and the process started all over again. It was a very emotional and mental experience for me, something I had never gone through or ever had to face before. Seasonal depression became no joke to me and the days of darkness were blinding to my mind. I honestly can’t even remember what I did for those 5 long months of winter until Jonas & I went on a trip to CA for a friend’s wedding. We left Sweden when the snow had just started to melt and came back to a full blown summer!the awakening of spring_wm (23)
This winter couldn’t have been more different than the last, only a few major snowfalls that melted quickly and spring came quite early! This has been my first “real” spring in Sweden and it’s been very intriguing seeing the first signs of spring that I totally missed last year. Right now there are flowers blooming all over the city and the weather has been quite lovely aside from the mandatory April showers (that bring May flowers.)the awakening of spring_wm (22)
I see so much wisdom now in the full quote above that I would have never understood unless I had gone through it myself. It was one of the darkest times of my life in more ways than one but it did teach me how to find within myself an invincible spring. I had to reach inside myself and feel the spring breeze, smell the blooming flowers, and hear the birds singing. In fact, I had to learn how to keep a piece of that invincible spring inside all year round for I believe it is important to always keep an open and blooming disposition.the awakening of spring_wm (25)
I feel like I became my own snowdrop flower. They are one of the first spring flowers to appear and can even push up through the snow. So like in Camus’ quote, when winter was pushing me down hard I had to find the will, the power, a strength in me to push back in my darkest times. Then, just like a snowdrop flower, to push up through the snow and declare that I found within myself an invincible spring.the awakening of spring_wm (24)
These photos are a part of a Tales of Sheaves “The Awakening of Spring” photo set but I decided to separate these pictures and write this blog because they became so symbolic for me. The different shades of green candles are representative to me of the coming of spring. I was very inspired by Celtic music and the awakening of spring when I created the headpiece you see in the photos. I wore a brown dress and used neutral toned flowers on the sides because when the seasons are in between winter and spring the forest is brown and has very muted colors.the awakening of spring_wm (26)
My favorite part of the photos is the reindeer moss I’m lying on. It was so perfect that we found this spot because I used some of the same kind of lichen that I gathered last winter/spring on the top of my headpiece and I love how my head blends into the bed of moss.

the awakening of spring_wm (28)
I apologize for this long-winded explanation of why the quote above is so significant to me but it felt important to put into writing my experience of finding my own invincible spring and if it can encourage you in any way I am glad!
-Lindsay of Sheaves

Lady Poinsettia of the Winter Woods

lady poinsettia_holiday nouveau
‘Twas the end of December and snow had made its first entrance…and what an entrance! Suddenly the land was covered in white and crystals sparkled in the air…this could only mean one thing to us…PHOTO ADVENTURE! I had been wanting to do some photos inspired by this lovely art by Angela R. Sasser entitled “Holiday Nouveau” for quite some time so my husband & I jumped at the opportunity! Our excitement must have clouded our judgement that going out in -12C/10F was a good idea. Unfortunately, it was so cold that my eyes started to water uncontrollably and my hands were so cold they burned so we were only able to grab a few decent shots. I hope that the few who made it to the editing process were worth it and I’m at least happy to have paid a small tribute to this wonderful piece of art that so inspired me!

-Lindsay of Sheaves

lady poinsettia_wm (1) lady poinsettia_wm (2) lady poinsettia_wm (3) lady poinsettia_wm (4) lady poinsettia_wm (5) lady poinsettia_wm (6) lady poinsettia_wm (7)