Mystic Moments With My Mum

Hello dearies! My mum came for a visit to the Northeast and it was the first time I’d seen her since we moved from California 9 months ago! It was such a joy to show her our “new home” and a few of our favorite spots in Connecticut and New York.

We were first reunited in Glastonbury, Connecticut where she was staying with a long time friend. We went for a walk and swooned over the charming colonial houses and all the gorgeous autumn leaves. mystic-november-1

A few days later Jonas & I picked her up and took her to Mystic, Connecticut! We found the perfect fika spot in the Stonington Borough at Indulge Coffee Shop! I loved showing my mom the old lighthouse museum and the stunning seaside view. I know how much she loves those things and ever since our time in Connecticut I had wanted to show her.


 Although, we had actually been on a New England trip when I was a teen and went through Mystic but I don’t remember it much. It was so special to show her “our” favorite place and especially for her to meet our Workaway family at Brigadoon Bed & Breakfast! With whom we had a delightfully cozy dinner of Irish stew (thanks so much to our fellow Workawayer “Narnia”)


On the last day we spent together she & her friend Kim drove to New York so we could show her our where we live now! It was unreal having her see the room we are renting and walking around the town together. We had brunch at my work and even got spoiled a bit by the staff, that was so special! We went looking for the Clinton’s home, got turned away by security, and had crepes even though we were already so full…we had to have a “birthday” fika for my mom (who’s birthday is actually tomorrow)!


It’s hard living away from all of our family and I often think of all the things I want to share with them in person and it was so special to be able to show my Mother dear some of those things and especially to have made warm memories. I will hold them close to my heart and think on them when California and Sweden seem like planets away. I’ll keep believing that “The Best Is Yet To Come” and that it’s only bye for now ❤

-Lindsay of Sheaves



HAPPY OCTOBER! Fall is my favorite time of year and always brings the country pinup gal out of me!

 Come along with me on an old-fashioned apple orchard adventure in New York!


I’ve always dreamed of autumn like this! Being from California, we have nice orchards and pumpkin patches but not the beautiful fall leaves. When I lived in Europe, they had the fall colors but not pumpkin patches!


So, this fall season in the North East USA if already fulfilling my old-fashioned Halloween dreams. And of course, it’s so much fun making outfits to match the occasion. I’ve been loving this outfit with a flannel (Ross) with a Casper tee (Walmart) tucked into my high waisted paints and creepers, hair scarf, and braids to complete the pinup country look.


I hope you all have a blessed autumn season full of apples, leaves, and pumpkin everything!

Bye For Now,

Lindsay of Sheaves

Halloween Lookbook + October Outfits

OCTOBER!!! The best month of the year! Even though every day is Halloween for me, I have extra fun putting spooky outfits together in the fall! I hope you enjoy seeing some of the outfits in action in the video below (Halloween Lookbook) plus a few extra outfits from October!

halloween lookbook_thumbnail

{MERVAMP} I’ve finally got my hands on a urban mermaid crop top from Adorkable Appearel by Traci Hines. I was so thrilled that she came out with black mermaid shells for a gothic mermaid like me, which was perfect to wear to Disneyland!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Striped Sweater-Thrifted // Black Mermaid Shells Crop Top-Adorkable // Pleather Skirt-? // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepershalloween lookbook_wm (1)

{TRICK OR TREAT} Speaking of Traci HInes, I got to be apart of something really exciting…a “Hocus Pocus” music video!!! Since moving to California I connected with Traci and helped with the set design of the witches lair which you can watch in her “Come Little Children” cover AND I even had a cameo in her “I Put A Spell On You” cover among the trick or treaters and this is the outfit I wore!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Witch Hat & Spider Web Cloak-Savers // Ruffle Top-Ross // Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store // Victorian Boots-Funtasma

halloween lookbook_wm (2)

{VINTAGE HALLOWEEN} Halloween time at Disneyland is one of my favorite things ever! My favorite decorations are at the Big Thunder Ranch where everything is perfectly vintage Halloween, which I thought fit SO perfect with my new dream dress from Sourpuss! Click HERE and I’ll show you my favorite parts of Halloween time at Disneyland!

halloween lookbook_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Hair Scarf-Expo // Vintage Halloween Dress-Sourpuss Clothing // Cropped Cardigan-Fashion Store // Fishnet Tights // Black Flats

  halloween lookbook_wm (4)

{SALLY} It’s been a dream of mine to do a Sally DisneyBound and I was so happy when I found this dress at Hot Topic.

halloween lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Sally Dress-Hot Topic // Lace Gloves-eBay // Corset Belt-eBay // Stitches Tights-Costume Store // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (6) halloween lookbook_wm (7)

{PUMPKIN PATCH} Oh, there are few things that bring my heart greater joy than standing in a real live pumpkin patch! A worker commented when I came in saying, “Oh look you’re dressed for the occasion!” little did he know I do this all year ’round!

halloween lookbook_wm (8)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Parasol-eBay // Sunglasses-Expo // Spider Flower-DIY // Casper The Friendly Ghost Top-Walmart// Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store// Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (9)

{KURIOS} Since Jonas & my birthday have only 1 day in between my family treated us to see KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil and it was AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved the steampunk influences mixed with fantasy and I wish I owned more steam punk accessories but I thought this striped dress had a circus vibe to it and actually fit quite well with the epic big top!

 halloween lookbook_wm (13)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Orange Striped Hot Rod Honey Dress-Pinup Girl Clothing // Spider Flower Hair Clips-DIY // Shoes-TUK Creepers

halloween lookbook_wm (12)

If you would like to see more photos + vlog of my October adventures with Jonas celebrating our birthdays and Halloween just click HERE!

What was your favorite outfit? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Fall Lookbook

Autumn is my absolute favorite season and the best time of year to show off my gothy style (though to me everyday is Halloween!) so I’m very thrilled to be sharing my Fall lookbook video, photos, and outfit details! I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who helped me with this lookbook and I couldn’t be more pleased with the 3 locations we found (Nynäs Slott, Stjärnholms Slott, & Runnviken) that fit each outfit so perfectly!
fall lookbook_thumbnail_2
If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below! *Warning: I buy a lot of things on eBay because for me it has been hard to find clothing in my style or at an affordable price in Sweden*

OUFIT 1: I think this outfit came together quite nicely with my every present goth style mixed with some edgy Victorian influences but I think the autumn ivy behind me wins best dressed!

fall lookbook_wm (1)-Ruffle dress: Ross
-Bat earrings & necklace: I bought these ages ago during Halloween time
-Black & white vertical striped leggings: eBay
-Victorian boots: eBay (Funtasma)

fall lookbook_1OUTFIT 2: This look is simply but so perfect for fall because who doesn’t love wearing plaid or gingham prints in the fall!

fall lookbook_wm (4)-Gingham dress: Thrifted-I really scored finding this dress and the best part is…POCKETS!
-Owl necklace:
-Boots: Kohl’s

fall lookbook_wm (5)   The expansion of leaves on this property is unreal, so beautiful!
fall lookbook_wm (6)

OUTFIT 3: Personally, I think this is my favorite look and if you hadn’t noticed already was inspired by miss Wednesday Addams herself!

fall lookbook_wm (7)-Wednesday Addams style dress: Forever 21
-Spider & flower hair clips: Sheaves Creations
-Black & purple striped tights: A gift
-Bat necklace: I bought ages ago
-Spider bracelet: Claire’s
-Pumpkin earrings:
-Victorian boots: Funtasma
-Jack-o’-lantern balloons: Optional

fall lookbook_grid (1) I know it’s not fair to the other 2 outfits but look 3 got waaay more photos then the rest and that mostly due to the location. A fun little story about that…
 fall lookbook_wm (22)
My husband & I had tried to film this look but kept getting postponed because of the weather and I was getting frustrated because I wanted to film while the leaves were still around. Plus, we had already had our 1st snowfall and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get that spooky feeling I wanted for this look even though the snow didn’t stay on the ground long but it was getting into November.fall lookbook_grid (3)
Well, we found out that a local Mansion/B&B/Spa was having a “ljusfest” and it sounded like a wonderful thing to do in cold, dark, rainy November to go to a craft fair in a greenhouse lit up with candles and fairylights. I thought this was our last chance to film this last outfit to complete the lookbook and I looked online to find photos of the location but it was really hard to get an idea of what it looked like there.
fall lookbook_wm (15)
When we arrived at Runnviken I couldn’t have been more surprised to find that it was absolutely PERFECT for my Wednesday Addams inspired outfit! There were leaves all spread about the ground, bare trees on a long driveway, twisted vines all along the staircase up to the mansion, creepy statues in the garden, a Victorian bird cage nestled in a bush, and even a a spooky secret entrance into the mansion (that I didn’t dare continue into!).
fall lookbook_grid (5)
 The more we explored the grounds the more I couldn’t believe how blessed we were to find this totally Addams Family-esque mansion and it’s the little magical moments like that in life that I don’t want to take for granted but cherish them since for me it’s these kinds of moments that add up to a lifetime of adventure!
fall lookbook_grid (4)
I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my fall lookbook video as well the photos.This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other winter, spring, and summer lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel!

Don’t forget to follow me on for more fashion & outfits! Which outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves