Hello dearies! Here’s a crazy story of how I got HIRED ON THE SPOT 3x in 1 week after moving to NY + how I got my “pre-dream” job!

This is the 5th historic inn I’ve worked at this year and I truly don’t think I could have landed a job like this if it hadn’t been for Workaway! I’m feeling a lot like Lorelai Gilmore working here and I’m excited to learn more about the inn, restaurant, and events business in hopes of having our own historic property some day!

After going through a lot of challenging things this year (like being almost homeless and struggling with my mental health) I’m so happy to share that I’m doing so much better and that dreams can come true if you follow your heart, work hard, and never stop believing! Xx

Bye For Now,

Lindsay of Sheaves


Tomorrow Is Another Day

When in Georgia on a historic farm I couldn’t help but throw together a “Gone With The Wind” inspired photo shoot!gone with the wind_wm (10)

The farmhouse at Mountain Laurel Farm was something out of my old fashioned southern dreams. Jonas & I were lucky enough to stay and volunteer here for 2 months this spring!

gone with the wind_wm (4)

Our host had this scarlet red dress that she insisted I use for a photo shoot! I put together a flower crown with red roses that were part of the wedding decorations at the venue.

gone with the wind_wm (1)

Jonas was gifted this oh so dapper suit and vest by our host’s mother, she sure knows our style!

gone with the wind_wm (9)

For these photos, I of course took inspiration from “Gone With The Wind” but with a gothic twist!

gone with the wind_wm (2)

I could totally imagine a real southern gothic wedding like this and I wish I had the opportunity to do more bridal styling. I still dream of having my own wedding business someday!

gone with the wind_wm (8)

Doing research for this I was reminded of some beautiful quotes from “Gone With The Wind” that truly resonate with me in this season of my life.

gone with the wind_wm (3)

“After all, tomorrow is another day!”

gone with the wind_wm (5)

As Jonas & I have been traveling for the last 6 months searching for where feels like home for us, I’m truly thankful each day and have learned to live life to the fullest!

gone with the wind_wm (6)

We’ve had some heart breaking disappointments but we’re always thankful for a new day, a new start.

gone with the wind_wm (7)

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


Embracing Change

Hello dearies! My #LindsayofSheaves YouTube channel was long overdue for an update video, hope you enjoying hanging out with me in the enchanted forest where I share what’s been on my mind and heart lately!
I’ve been learning to embrace change and what makes me unique in every season of my life. Jonas & I have sure had a lot of adventures (and some misadventures) and in all or travels and life changes I’ve come to want to embrace what life is teaching me in that season. I like to reflect that also in how I dress even if I’m switching up my style from faerie to retro to goth to country…or a mix of all of those! Who’s to say you aren’t supposed to do that?!
embrace change_grid (1)
Also thought it’d be fun to¬† share photos of some of my fashion journey thus far in hopes of inspiring you to have fun with your style and don’t worry about what others may think, just be one-of-a-kind YOU! I’ve had fun with all kinds of styles from my punk rock high school days to my glam metal hair-styling phase. Around the time of my wedding I started to enjoy wearing dresses, something I had never done before!
embrace change_grid (2)
Living in Sweden brought out the faerie and medieval viking in me. In California I enjoyed vamping it up and getting a taste of the retro/vintage world with a splash of Disney style! In the south I had fun being a country girl and visiting Sweden in the summer has brought out the mermaid in me.
embrace change_grid (3)
So glad to be posting this update video in case you’ve been wondering what happened to my #roadtoretro series and why the focus has shifted to different things on my social media! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been following along on my crazy adventures around the world and with fashion, it means so much to have you along for the ride! Hope to continue to have you along for the adventures and remember that you are beautiful and one of a kind! Dare to dream and have fun in all seasons of life!! Bye For Now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

New Year, New Adventure! (Dec-Feb Outfits)

It’s a new year and it’s time for me to find my new adventure! But don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Sheaves, but things are going to change around here…

december outfits_wm (2)

For the last 6 months (since moving from Sweden to CA) I’ve enjoyed making my monthly outfits posts, it was a fun way to see my style evolve and chronicle my ensembles and the different places I went. Last year was also when I started this blog and YouTube channel as a way to express more of the things I’m passionate about that weren’t exactly suited for Tales of Sheaves.

I was happy to complete my 4 seasons of lookbooks from my time in Sweden and when we moved to California I started a new venture, my #ROADTORETRO! The goal of this series was to share what I learn on my road to rediscover my style as well as my healing journey (inside and out) and my first step was to chop off my long locks! I had fun playing with my new hair and getting different looks with pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe as well as slowing adding some new thrifted ones. I was fortunate to even add a few new retro pieces from Pinup Girl Clothing that I had been wanting for a long time.

december outfits_wm (1)

Right after Halloween was over, life started changing for my husband & I. He had worked a great job during the fall but we started feeling the effects of starting over in another country. Also, we were feeling the post-Halloween/pre-Christmas depression since the holidays are always hard for us because one of us is always away from their family. Beginning of December, a dear friend of ours passed away and we were grateful to get a chance to say goodbye but it felt the beginning of our spiral down that led to us both getting sick at different times and a lot of heavy sadness…

I finally started feeling strong enough in my hand since my surgery and I start looking for work with no success thus far. Then came the new year and Jonas was also out of a job again and we really started to feel the strain between family and our financial situation.

december outfits_wm (3)

We researched jobs and apartments like crazy to realize a few very sobering facts that are working against us. Because of my surgery I can’t go back (nor did I plan to anyway) being a hairstylist yet that is all the job experience and college education I have. Jonas has been turned down by several jobs because he hasn’t lived in America long enough. We both don’t have any credit history because we traveled so much and therefore it’s impossible to find an apartment.

We reached out to friends and family which didn’t lead to anything promising. It has gotten so bad that we were just going to pack up and move out of state because the cost of living in CA is so outrageous, but I wasn’t prepared to leave my family so soon. All in all, we feel absolutely stuck at the bottom of a very deep dark hole and have no idea how we are going to crawl out.

december outfits_wm (4)

Because of all this stress, I’ve had little to no inspiration to put outfits together let alone take photos and blog about them. Besides, I was wearing the same things over and over again and realized I was failing as a fashion blogger since I had no new clothes to share. Yes, I’m all for mixing and matching your pieces to get new outfits but the harsh truth is I even ran out of those and can’t even afford to shop at my favorite thrift store, Savers, anymore…and let’s not even talk about the weight I’ve gained over the holidays and from all the strain.

december outfits_wm (6)

I’m not sharing all this for you to feel sorry for me, I’m sharing because I don’t mind being an open book and I want to be transparent. I started to blog also to share the ups and downs of my journey to bring hope to others and all though my #roadtoretro seems to have flat-lined and almost died, I believe it’s all apart of the journey!

december outfits_wm (5)

I’m a firm believer in following your dreams but staying flexible, because you never know what on your journey may lead you to a new unexpected dream that was better than you could have ever imagined. That’s what gives me hope during the darkest of times and helps me to not see my misadventures as “failures” but as all apart of the adventure!

feb 2016 outfits

So, with all that being said I’m not sure what this year holds for Sheaves because the winds of change have been blowing and I welcome the new opportunities and I’m not sure yet how that will translate to my blog and YouTube channel. However, I have been using SNAPCHAT a lot since I got a new phone which has been a great way to instantly share my experiences, feelings, joys, and the occasional foodie posts ūüėČ I’d love for you to join me there: lindsay.sheaves! Thank you all for the support along the way and I look forward to the new adventures ahead! Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

december outfits (7)

There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

I watched Disney’s new movie “Tomorrowland: A World Beyond” recently and while I left the theater a bit confused at some of the plot points (I definitely would love to watch it again, I think it’s one of those kinds of movies you understand and love the more you see) but it was indeed a thrilling adventure through different eras and dimensions!

The film really drives home the themes of taking charge of your destiny, hoping in the future, and the power of positivity which are all important truths I’ve been learning in my life as of late especially in light of our big move from Sweden to California this month!

tomorrowland (2)

My favorite part was the beginning at the 1964 World’s Fair in NY, I always love me some great mid-century modern Disney! No spoilers here, but I sure loved how they used the “It’s A Small World” attraction premiere in a very unique way for the story!

world fair 1964(2)

I also had a Disney nerd moment when the song “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” from the Carousel of Progress (one of the other attractions that Disney debuted at the ’64 World’s Fair) started playing and my husband looked at me with such surprise as I started singing along!

This song has always been special to me as it holds so much hope and those Sherman Brothers (who also wrote the “It’s A Small World” theme song/Mary Poppins soundtrack) sure knew how to write a catchy melody and I think the song and lyrics really set the perfect tone for the movie:

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day
There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
And tomorrow’s just a dream away

Man has a dream and that’s the start
He follows his dream with mind and heart
And when it becomes a reality
It’s a dream come true for you and me”

tomorrowland (3)

From the moment I first saw the promotional posters for “Tomorrowland” with the fields of wheat I was instantly reminded of my namesake “Sheaves” and the blog post/photo shoot/video my husband & I did about why we call our married life adventures Tales of Sheaves inspired by chapter 126 of Psalms.


It almost felt like Disney had seen our post because the ending of the move was so parallel to the feeling of hope and dreams we tried to create with our video, but again I won’t say any spoilers! I’d love if you’d like to pop on over to that post to find out more about what Sheaves means to us!

we are sheaves_wm (5)

I’m so grateful that we have this opportunity to move to the States and that we will always have Sweden as an option too, not so many are so fortunate to be able to move countries for new opportunities! I feel like we are taking charge of our destinies rather than remaining unfilled with our current situation and to try and do something about it!

we are sheaves_wm (11)

We of course have no idea what lies ahead for us and I suspect this will also be a hard journey but I hope the trade off of turning our dreams into a reality will make it all worth it! Facing the unknown can be frightening but I constantly have to choose to hope rather than despair. That’s where the movie’s theme of hoping in the future really struck a chord with me!

Continuing from that thought is the final thing I wanted to mention is how they incorporated this wise old Cherokee Indian proverb into the movie:¬† wolves (2)With out big move coming up also comes a lot of stress and fear and it’s really pushed me to see how if I let myself nurture those feelings it only feeds the “evil wolf” more and leads into a downward spiral that effects every area of my life so I have to choose to embrace the “good wolf” of hope and light instead.

Life can be a difficult journey so I’ve started making a conscious effort to appreciate the happy adventures in the likely event that misadventures will also happen! Choosing hope and light each day isn’t always easy and it’s normal to have moments of negative emotions but the important part is to keep believing, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!

Bye for now,

Lindsay of Sheaves


youtube_thumbnail_cropped dark

Hello! Lindsay of Sheaves here, and WELCOME to my new endeavors! I’m an old-fashioned soul from Southern California married to my Swedish prince since 2012. I’m so thrilled to have you here and if you keep reading you’ll find out a little more about me and what I hope to bring to my new ventures!

dappsy_wm (5)For some time my husband & I have been documenting our married life adventures via youtube and blogger under the name Tales of Sheaves. It’s been great fun and we’ve really enjoyed sharing all our overseas tales that my family and friends State-side wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience with me while living in Sweden for over 2 years. Now in light of our move to California, I hope Jonas’ family and friends on the other side of the pond will also enjoy following along (as well as Sheaves Tribe members all over the world) with the next chapter of our tales in America.

the next chapterIt is going to be a big transition and I think in the midst of all the things starting to change around us I realized I wanted to branch off from Tales of Sheaves and start my own blog and YouTube channel. I have so many things I want to share about my experiences living overseas and how I’ve grown as a person in hopes that it can help others faced with similar situations.

winter lookbook_wm (10)I also have been feeling the need to “spread my wings” with things I’m passionate about but never really were suited for Tales of Sheaves. I’m very excited to be able to bring these areas of interest of mine to my own “brand”!

ADVENTURE: I LOVE to travel, explore, and try new things but I also think that everyday life can be an adventure if you make it one! While Tales of Sheaves will mainly be our vlogging channel, I expect that I will be bringing some of my own adventures to my channel from time to time.poland_wm (53)BYGONE ERAS: For as long as I can remember I’ve been a lover of all things vintage and anything with that old-fashioned feeling. I was raised watching classic movies from the 1920s-1950s and they will forever be one of the main loves of my life. I can’t wait to talk more about my favorite Old Hollywood films and actors and when in CA hope to visit some filming locations as well!tcm ultimate fan contest_wmCREATIVITY: I’ve always had a knack for crafting and always need a way to express myself creativily and that has taken many forms through my life so far such as writing, fashion, diy, and now even YouTube! I hope to make some DIY tutorials from time to time. I also have an Etsy shop called Sheaves Creations!

the awakening of spring_wm (27)FAIRYTALES: I’m a HUGE Disney nerd (hey, I basically grew up at Disneyland, what can I say!) but my love for fairytales doesn’t stop there! I love the original tales such as from Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson and I’m also fascinated by Norse and Celtic folktales. So, you’ll probably catch me nerding out about my favorite Disney this and that as well!germany_wm (72)FASHION: Since High School I’ve always worn more “offbeat” clothing (wait till I do a throwback post of my punk rock days) and in recent years I’ve really enjoyed exploring all kinds of different styles such as what I like to call “fairytale fashion” and retro/vintage/Victorian inspired ensembles. But my ever present underlying style “signature” is always lots of black and how I incorporate my own gothic flair into different styles to make my own looks! I can’t wait to bring lots of fashion and clothing reviews to my blog and channel!fall lookbook_wm (9)HOPE: While all these things are well and good (and I hope my blog and channel can connect myself and others with similar interests) I want it to be more than that…the main thing I want you to get from my new endeavors is HOPE! I’m all about following your own path and embracing the beautiful one of a kind person you were born to be, but sometimes that can be tough! I’ve always thought outside the box but it hurts when people can’t figure you out and try to fit you into one. It’s taken me a long time to realize that it is exactly the things that make me “weird” that I need not be ashamed of but embrace them, for they make me, ME! I want my brand to be a place of hope and respect where anyone can come and feel welcome and loved for the unique person they are!lady poinsettia_wm (5)I want to be transparent about the things I’ve dealt with in life in hopes that it can help others with similar struggles and inspire to never give up and that dreams do come true! Maybe you’ve wondered what “Sheaves” is all about? To my husband & I it is a symbol of the harvest of sowing, hoping, weeping, rejoicing, and the reaping of dreaming. The name comes from Psalm¬†126:¬†5-6 ‚ÄúThose¬†who¬†sow¬†in¬†tears shall¬†reap¬†in¬†joy. He¬†who¬†continually¬†goes¬†forth¬†weeping, bearing¬†seed¬†for¬†sowing, shall¬†doubtless¬†come¬†again¬†with¬†rejoicing, bringing¬†his¬†sheaves¬†with¬†him.‚ÄĚ Whether you read the Bible or not I think these verses ring true with all kinds of people, because all human beings need hope! You can read more about it here but essentially it’s all about finding hope in the midst of hardships.

the awakening of spring_wm (21)Living in Sweden has taught me that just like there are different seasons of the year, so are there of life! When it feels like you’re going through a dark cold “winter” it almost seems impossible that the “snow” will ever melt or that it will ever be warm again but I PROMISE that spring will come with beautiful flowers, then summer with warm sunshine, and before autumn you will see the harvest from your hardships! You will see that the “tears” you sowed in hard times were “watering” seeds of hope that will produce a bountiful harvest of joy if you just keep moving forward!

we are sheaves_wm (5)And that’s what Sheaves is all about, and my mission to help others keep the faith during hardship by sharing my own experiences and things I’m passionate about! If my new endeavors seem like your cup of tea, I sure would love to have you join the Sheaves Tribe and subscribe to my YouTube channel and this blog! Also, I’d love to hear what you’re excited to see come to my new ventures!?!

summer lookbook_look 3_wm (1)Until next time remember, keep moving forward! Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

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