Halloween in Salem + Witch City LookBook

Hello dearies! My dream came true of going to Salem on HALLOWEEN!!! My husband & I always combine our birthday festivities with Halloween since they are all within 4 days of each other, but we have never traveled for Halloween weekend before and we had the most amazing adventures in Connecticut & Massachusetts!

My 30th birthday was spent in Mystic, Connecticut in search of wee faerie villages with my Workaway family and of course a stop at Mystic Pizza!


On Jonas’ birthday we went to Boston for a tea party and to see the pumpkins he carved for Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns! You can see all our birthday adventures on Tales of Sheaves (COMING SOON) but on my blog I’m going to be talking all about SALEM!!!


Ever since I first saw Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” I KNEW I one day I had to go to Salem in search of the Sanderson Sisters and the epic filming locations! On the Saturday night before Halloween we ventured into Witch City and it was the most magical experience (even after trying to find a free place to park for 1 hour).


The first filming location we spotted was The Ropes Mansion and I gasped to behold it’s beauty in real life! It was the home of Max’s crush, Allison, and where her family put on the most fancy Halloween party. Speaking of parties, the Salem Old Town Hall was the location for the party Max’s parents almost “danced until they died” when Winifred sang her bewitching version of “Put A Spell On You” with her sisters.


On Halloween day we got to explore a few more locations just outside of Salem. We found the “Hocus Pocus House” (Max’s house) at 8 Ocean Avenue. It was fun to see so many fans of the film stopping to snap a photo in their costumes and even chatting with others there. I truly felt the spirit of Halloween there!


Our favorite filming location was at the Old Burial Hill in Marblehead, Ma. It’s one of New England’s oldest cemeteries and has the most stunning view over the water.


We found the very graves where Jay & Ice met Max and bullied him into giving them his new shoes.


It’s a lovely spot for an autumn stroll!


I of course had to strut my favorite bat skirt from Sourpuss Clothing and as night fell upon All Hallow’s Eve I transformed my Halloween day outfit into a witchy night look!

All I had to do was switch my creepers and hat to pointy ones! Threw over my newly thrifted find of the century (this gorgeous black coat) and I was set for a cold Halloween night in Salem!

salem-lookbook_wm-10We stopped by the House of Seven Gables before nightfall and even had a few people want to take photos of us. Funny, because I was basically wearing my “normal clothes” with a few tweeks, just goes to show what the right accessories can do!


I hope you enjoyed seeing my witchy wardbrobe for Halloween weekend + all the amazing “Hocus Pocus” filming locations!!!


We had the time of our lives being in Salem for Halloween and I’m glad we could bring you along for the adventures! Until next time, bye for now!

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Swedish Summer Lookbook

Oh, lovely Swedish summer! Jonas & I had a wonderful 6 weeks visiting family, friends, and familiar places…plus a few new magical ones! I thought it’d be fun to do a Swedish summer lookbook of some of my favorite outfits I wore on the trip at some pretty epic locations! Hope you enjoy watching and coming along for the fashion adventures!

{MIDSUMMER} We spent midsummer’s eve at a charming open air museum full of the cutest old red farm houses. “Midsommar” is a celebration of the summer solstice and of light, everyone wears flowers in their hair and dances ’round the maypole!

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Flower Crown-DIY // Green Embroidered Dress-Ross // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (2)

{BOOK CAFE} It seems to be our midsummer day tradition to go for a “fika” at one of our favorite summer cafes; it’s full of books and delicious treats and of course the cutest exterior.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Floral Dress-Goodwill // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (3)

This thrifted dress for 5 bux is my new fav, it even has pockets! I wore it so many times this summer already, it was perfect for exploring the secret garden at Nynäs Slott.

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (8)

{CHRISTMAS IN JULY} Ok, technically this was in June and technically the charming town of Gränna has candy canes all year ’round…but when I found this dress at Goodwill I knew it’d be perfect for visiting the red & white striped town!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Poppy Dress-Goodwill // Black Cardigan-Fashion Store // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (1)

{ERICSBERGS SLOTT} This palace in Sweden took my breath away! I had always wanted to see it and it sure is grand…I actually felt intimated standing in front of it!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Floral Dress-Walmart // Dotted Tights-Target // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (9)

{NORDIC MERMAID} I spent a lot of time this summer hopping across rocks on the Swedish archipelago in search of nordic mermaids and selkies!

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (4)

I’m also obsessed with Faerie Magazine and this summer issue about mermaids and sea serpents takes me into a magical underwater world!

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (6)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Black Mermaid Shell Croptop-Adorkable Apparel // Black Maxi Dress-Walmart

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (5)

{MEDIEVAL FAIRE} I just adore viking faires in Sweden, especially when the market is set around a medieval castle like Torpa Stenhus. I had fun wearing my goth medieval inspired outfit again.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Black Mesh Shirt // Black Maxi Dress-Walmart// Gray Studded Belt

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (11)

{WONDERLAND} I sure felt like I had tripped down the rabbit hole when we went to Julita Gård. The roses were in beautiful bloom and we even found a magical wishing well!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cat-eye Sunglasses // Gray Ruffle Shirt-Goodwill // Black Flocked Skirt // Dotted Tights-Target // T.U.K. Creepers

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (7)

I sure hope you enjoyed coming along for the fashion adventure as much as I did putting together these outfits and running around magical places in Sweden! Let me know what YOUR fav outfit is + location and I hope to see you in a new post soon!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Halloween Lookbook + October Outfits

OCTOBER!!! The best month of the year! Even though every day is Halloween for me, I have extra fun putting spooky outfits together in the fall! I hope you enjoy seeing some of the outfits in action in the video below (Halloween Lookbook) plus a few extra outfits from October!

halloween lookbook_thumbnail

{MERVAMP} I’ve finally got my hands on a urban mermaid crop top from Adorkable Appearel by Traci Hines. I was so thrilled that she came out with black mermaid shells for a gothic mermaid like me, which was perfect to wear to Disneyland!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Striped Sweater-Thrifted // Black Mermaid Shells Crop Top-Adorkable // Pleather Skirt-? // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepershalloween lookbook_wm (1)

{TRICK OR TREAT} Speaking of Traci HInes, I got to be apart of something really exciting…a “Hocus Pocus” music video!!! Since moving to California I connected with Traci and helped with the set design of the witches lair which you can watch in her “Come Little Children” cover AND I even had a cameo in her “I Put A Spell On You” cover among the trick or treaters and this is the outfit I wore!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Witch Hat & Spider Web Cloak-Savers // Ruffle Top-Ross // Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store // Victorian Boots-Funtasma

halloween lookbook_wm (2)

{VINTAGE HALLOWEEN} Halloween time at Disneyland is one of my favorite things ever! My favorite decorations are at the Big Thunder Ranch where everything is perfectly vintage Halloween, which I thought fit SO perfect with my new dream dress from Sourpuss! Click HERE and I’ll show you my favorite parts of Halloween time at Disneyland!

halloween lookbook_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Hair Scarf-Expo // Vintage Halloween Dress-Sourpuss Clothing // Cropped Cardigan-Fashion Store // Fishnet Tights // Black Flats

  halloween lookbook_wm (4)

{SALLY} It’s been a dream of mine to do a Sally DisneyBound and I was so happy when I found this dress at Hot Topic.

halloween lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Sally Dress-Hot Topic // Lace Gloves-eBay // Corset Belt-eBay // Stitches Tights-Costume Store // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (6) halloween lookbook_wm (7)

{PUMPKIN PATCH} Oh, there are few things that bring my heart greater joy than standing in a real live pumpkin patch! A worker commented when I came in saying, “Oh look you’re dressed for the occasion!” little did he know I do this all year ’round!

halloween lookbook_wm (8)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Parasol-eBay // Sunglasses-Expo // Spider Flower-DIY // Casper The Friendly Ghost Top-Walmart// Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store// Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (9)

{KURIOS} Since Jonas & my birthday have only 1 day in between my family treated us to see KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil and it was AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved the steampunk influences mixed with fantasy and I wish I owned more steam punk accessories but I thought this striped dress had a circus vibe to it and actually fit quite well with the epic big top!

 halloween lookbook_wm (13)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Orange Striped Hot Rod Honey Dress-Pinup Girl Clothing // Spider Flower Hair Clips-DIY // Shoes-TUK Creepers

halloween lookbook_wm (12)

If you would like to see more photos + vlog of my October adventures with Jonas celebrating our birthdays and Halloween just click HERE!

What was your favorite outfit? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Summer Solstice Lookbook

“Midsommar” is my favorite holiday to celebrate in Sweden! What’s not to love about putting flowers in your hair, dancing around a maypole, and eating strawberries?!

When my husband & I decided to go on a little road trip and spend the holiday with his family on the west side of Sweden I instantly started to think about what I was going to wear. Midsummer is the perfect time of year to use my folk/viking/gothic bohemian inspired outfits and these are the two I put together for the summer solstice celebration!

summer solstice lookbook_thumbnail

OUTFIT 1: Midsummer Eve

For Swedish midsommar it’s tradition to wear flower crowns and while I wish I had been able to make a one made out of wild flowers, my recent hand surgery keeps me from getting too crafty so I went with this white one I made previously. I realized the flowers perfectly matched with the white embroidery on this folk inspired dress I bought at Ross ages ago.

summer solstice lookbook_grid (1)

I accessorized with my bronze viking knot necklace, white knotted belt, and my knee high boots. As you can see, I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt and thick leggings because Sweden can still be quite chilly even on a holiday celebrating the sun!

midsommar 2015_wm (11)

I was surprised how well my outfit fit with the surrounds of the open air museum we went to see the midsommar festivies of raising and dancing ’round the maypole! The old farm buildings were so charming there, especially the little grass covered one, it felt like it could have been an old viking village!

summer solstice lookbook_wm (4)

OUTFIT 2: Midsummer Day

What a beautiful day it was, the weather was just right and we spent most of the day wandering around an old farm turned cafe and then this beautiful medieval church ruin.

  summer solstice lookbook_grid (2)

I was inspired by the gothic bohemian/witchy look for this outfit so I paired the black “flowy” pieces from my closet and tied them together with some gray accents. I was so glad it was warm enough to wear these sandals again and of course I had to tuck some wild flowers in my hair.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (5)

It’s not often I get to use this hand crochet shawl that a sweet friend made for me that’s so unique, I jumped at the chance to wear it again for midsummer.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (8)

I’ve grown to see why the summer solstice is so important in the Nordic lands because it grew so important for me as well. Perhaps before I took the sunshine for granted (though not the heat) having spent most of my life thus far in California. Having now lived in Sweden for nearly 3 years I noticed myself longing for sunshine and warmth and to so looked forward to the time when the sun almost stands still in the sky. When everything is green and the earth, people, and cute summer cafes come to life again for a few months.

summer solstice lookbook_wm (10)

Through those long dark winter months I had to learn how to always keep a piece of “blue skies & sunshine” in my heart and that is something I hope to bring with me for the rest of my life no matter where I go or the season…sending you and yours best wishes for a lovely summer season!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

If you’d like to see more photos + a vlog from my husband and my midsommar weekend adventures just click HERE!

Fall Lookbook

Autumn is my absolute favorite season and the best time of year to show off my gothy style (though to me everyday is Halloween!) so I’m very thrilled to be sharing my Fall lookbook video, photos, and outfit details! I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who helped me with this lookbook and I couldn’t be more pleased with the 3 locations we found (Nynäs Slott, Stjärnholms Slott, & Runnviken) that fit each outfit so perfectly!
fall lookbook_thumbnail_2
If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below! *Warning: I buy a lot of things on eBay because for me it has been hard to find clothing in my style or at an affordable price in Sweden*

OUFIT 1: I think this outfit came together quite nicely with my every present goth style mixed with some edgy Victorian influences but I think the autumn ivy behind me wins best dressed!

fall lookbook_wm (1)-Ruffle dress: Ross
-Bat earrings & necklace: I bought these ages ago during Halloween time
-Black & white vertical striped leggings: eBay
-Victorian boots: eBay (Funtasma)

fall lookbook_1OUTFIT 2: This look is simply but so perfect for fall because who doesn’t love wearing plaid or gingham prints in the fall!

fall lookbook_wm (4)-Gingham dress: Thrifted-I really scored finding this dress and the best part is…POCKETS!
-Owl necklace: www.etsy.com/shop/SomethingInYourStyle
-Boots: Kohl’s

fall lookbook_wm (5)   The expansion of leaves on this property is unreal, so beautiful!
fall lookbook_wm (6)

OUTFIT 3: Personally, I think this is my favorite look and if you hadn’t noticed already was inspired by miss Wednesday Addams herself!

fall lookbook_wm (7)-Wednesday Addams style dress: Forever 21
-Spider & flower hair clips: Sheaves Creations
-Black & purple striped tights: A gift
-Bat necklace: I bought ages ago
-Spider bracelet: Claire’s
-Pumpkin earrings: www.etsy.com/shop/FlaxandKite
-Victorian boots: Funtasma
-Jack-o’-lantern balloons: Optional

fall lookbook_grid (1) I know it’s not fair to the other 2 outfits but look 3 got waaay more photos then the rest and that mostly due to the location. A fun little story about that…
 fall lookbook_wm (22)
My husband & I had tried to film this look but kept getting postponed because of the weather and I was getting frustrated because I wanted to film while the leaves were still around. Plus, we had already had our 1st snowfall and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get that spooky feeling I wanted for this look even though the snow didn’t stay on the ground long but it was getting into November.fall lookbook_grid (3)
Well, we found out that a local Mansion/B&B/Spa was having a “ljusfest” and it sounded like a wonderful thing to do in cold, dark, rainy November to go to a craft fair in a greenhouse lit up with candles and fairylights. I thought this was our last chance to film this last outfit to complete the lookbook and I looked online to find photos of the location but it was really hard to get an idea of what it looked like there.
fall lookbook_wm (15)
When we arrived at Runnviken I couldn’t have been more surprised to find that it was absolutely PERFECT for my Wednesday Addams inspired outfit! There were leaves all spread about the ground, bare trees on a long driveway, twisted vines all along the staircase up to the mansion, creepy statues in the garden, a Victorian bird cage nestled in a bush, and even a a spooky secret entrance into the mansion (that I didn’t dare continue into!).
fall lookbook_grid (5)
 The more we explored the grounds the more I couldn’t believe how blessed we were to find this totally Addams Family-esque mansion and it’s the little magical moments like that in life that I don’t want to take for granted but cherish them since for me it’s these kinds of moments that add up to a lifetime of adventure!
fall lookbook_grid (4)
I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my fall lookbook video as well the photos.This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other winter, spring, and summer lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel!

Don’t forget to follow me on lookbook.nu/lindsayofsheaves for more fashion & outfits! Which outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

Summer Lookbook

In the good ol’ summertime…these are 3 gothic, vintage, retro, and Neo-Victorian inspired outfits that I liked to wear this summer!

summer lookbook_thumbnail_2

Below I’ve listed the items of each of the 3 outfits, if you fancied some of them you may be able to find it for yourself! *Warning: I buy a LOT of things on eBay because in Sweden it has been hard for me to find things in my style or for an affordable price*

summer lookbook_look 1_wm (3)OUTFIT 1: This outfit was Neo-Victorian inspired and I actually wore this outfit (though I changed a few things for the lookbook) when Jonas & I modeled on a paper moon for a Dappsy photo shoot.summer lookbook_look 1_wm (1)

-DIY rose hair clips: I literally stuck hair clips on the back of these already clustered roses. Want to know a secret? They are actually supposed to be a decoration for candlesticks (very popular in Sweden and so easy to find at thrift stores) I loved the color and arrangement of these roses so much I thought I might turn them into a headband but they looked so nice as is!
-Black lace parasol: Search for “lace parasol” on eBay
-Lace gloves: Search for “Woman’s Wrist Length Lace Fingerless Gloves Halloween Costume Accessories” on eBay
-Ruffle lace shirt: Thrifted

summer lookbook_look 1_collage
-Victorian earrings: One of a kind from Etsy, these are actually the earrings I wore at my wedding!
-Silhouette necklace: This was a gift from my mom for Christmas, custom necklace from http://www.sweet-silhouette.com she can cut your silhouette for you or in our case we already had one done that was used for our wedding design including our invitations, so this is so special to me to have Jonas & my silhouettes in a beautiful necklace.
-Corset belt: Search for “Korean Style Ladies Girls Lace Faux Leather Elastic Stretch Corset Waist Belt” on eBay
-Antique chainmail purse: One of a kind that I bought on eBay yet again for my wedding (I think it’s so fun that I can reuse so many wonderful pieces that I wore at my wedding!) but if you search for antique chainmail purse on ebay you’ll b sure to find one similar.
-Layered lace dress: Search for “Women Sheer Lace Party Casual double layered Gown Prom Evening V Neck Slip Dress”on eBay
-Victorian boots: Search for Funtasma victorian boots on eBay and you’ll be sure to find them. I love these boots and wear them with almost every “fancy” outfit of mine because they are so comfortable, totally my style, and because they are the only kind of “heel” I can handle walking in all day!
-Sheer striped vertical tights: eBay summer lookbook_look 1_wm (7)

OUFIT 2: This outfit was inspired more by my love of the vintage and retro style.

 summer lookbook_look 2_wm (2)
-Brooch hair clip: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BonitaBellita
-Vintage necklace: From my Great Grandmother
-Sheer polka dot top: Fashion store in California
-Pencil skirt: Ross
-Victorian boots: Funtasma Victorian boots, told you I wore these a lot!summer lookbook_look 2_collage

summer lookbook_look 2_wm (5)OUTFIT 3: This outfit is my “casual summer gothic” look that’s so comfortable but still fun and cool in hot weather, cause you know us goth girls gotta wear our black no matter the temperature!

 summer lookbook_look 3_wm (1)
-DIY rose headband: I took roses I got at a thrift store and hot glued them to a headband, so simple!
-Neon orange nail polish: China Glaze “Orange Knockout (Neon)” is my signature color in the summer
-Lace peplum top: Forever 21
-Black & white striped skirt: Ross
-Studded purse: Betseyville
-Studded sandals: The brand is Brash and I bought them at Paylesssummer lookbook_look 3_collage

I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my summer lookbook video as well the photos filmed at the beautiful Nynäs Slott in Sweden not too far from where we live. This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other winter, spring, and fall lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel!

Don’t forget to follow me on lookbook.nu/lindsayofsheaves for more fashion & outfits! Which summertime outfit did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

Spring Lookbook

Ah, lovely springtime…it comes a little later in the year to Sweden than most of the rest of the world, therefore so does my spring lookbook too since I wanted to wait for the pretty flowers and green leaves to appear! I feel so blessed to have found 3 beautiful locations (Tullgarns Slott, Fagerås, & Nynäs Slott) full of spring loveliness and I hope you enjoy the three outfits I put together as this is about as “floral” as I’ve ever gotten! If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below!

spring lookbook_thumbnailOUTFIT 1: Springtime in Sweden can still be pretty chilly so I had to pair this dress with long sleeves, leggings, and a cardigan but with the floral embroidery it still felt quite “springy”. I felt like I was in my favorite movie “Big Fish” with the forest full of daffodils!
spring lookbook_wm (6)

-Orange Flower Crown: Sheaves Creations (Etsy)

-Silver Heart Necklace: eBay

spring lookbook_wm (8)

-Cropped Cardigan: Fashion store in CA

-Black & White Embroidery Dress: Ross

-Boots: Kohl’s

spring lookbook_wm (9)

OUTFIT 2: When I found this yellow top (that is actually a dress) it instantly reminded me of a daffodil with the bright yellow color and ruffled neckline.

spring lookbook_wm (14)

This outfit is the most “fancy” compared to the other 2 outfits in this lookbook and I think fit perfectly at Tullgarns Slott (one of Sweden’s royal palaces).

spring lookbook_wm (10)

-Daffodil Hair Clip:  DIY

-Yellow Ruffle Top: Fashion store in CA

-Pencil Skirt: Ross

spring lookbook_wm (12)

-Polka Dot Tights: Walmart

-Victorian Boots: Funtasma

spring lookbook_wm (13)

OUTFIT 3: This look was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day since I always find myself listening to a great deal of Celtic music and this is the only green dress I own. spring lookbook_wm (4)

As the white wood anemones started appearing all over I realized they resembled the white embroidery on my dress and with my white flower crown to match I felt like I could almost disappear into the Swedish forest in camouflage. spring lookbook_wm (3)

-White Flower Crown: Sheaves Creations (Etsy)

-Green & White Embroidery Dress: Ross

spring lookbook_wm (1)

-Four Leaf Clover Necklace: Flax & Kite (Etsy)

-Brown Purse: Forever 21

-Boots: Kohl’s

spring lookbook_wm (2)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my Spring lookbook video as well the photos. This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other spring, summer, and fall lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel! If you’d like to see some fun BTS from my husband & my May Day weekend where we frolicked in the daffodil forest and celebrating Swedish Valborg, you can watch HERE on Tales of Sheaves.

Don’t forget to follow me on lookbook.nu/lindsayofsheaves for more fashion & outfits! Which springtime outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves

Winter Lookbook

Winter is probably my least favorite season to dress for; I find all the layers, scarves, and gloves to be suffocating though I can agree pretty to look at, as is the snow! Despite my distaste for wintertime, I managed to put together 3 winter outfits with 1 common theme…VELVET! I didn’t plan that, it just turned out that way! Also, I must admit that though I prefer greener pastures I couldn’t be more pleased with the 3 winter wonderland locations we found (Prosten Pihl’s Gård, Öster-Malma Slott, & Södertuna Slott) and it truly felt like a walking in a snowy fairytale.
winter lookbook_thumbnail_2
If you fancied any of the items I wore you maybe be able to find it for yourself in the outfit details below! *Warning: I buy a lot of things on eBay because for me it has been hard to find clothing in my style or at an affordable price in Sweden*
OUTFIT 1: I bought this dress to wear for Christmas and I got so many compliments…even from strangers, and that rarely happens in Sweden!
-Red & Black Velvet Polka Dot Dress: eBay
-Winter Boots
-Snow White Silhouette Necklace: Etsy
I couldn’t be more obsessed with this necklace, I feel it totally sums up me!
This location gave me Beauty and the Beast vibes for some reason, I think it’s the hedges and cypress trees!
OUTFIT 2: I felt like a Little “Black” Riding Hood in this outfit (notice even the wolf statue in the background!) walking in a winter fairytale.
-Pyon Pyon LY-024 Gothic Winter Coat: restyle.pl
THIS COAT…has saved my style this winter. I’ve now lived through 3 Swedish winters and the first 2 I only had this big ugly typical puffy winter jacket that I felt only took away and covered up my style. I decided this last winter that I was going to do something about this and found my dream coat and it was on sale, so I snatched this baby up and have worn it all winter!
As much as I love this coat and feel like a life size gothic lolita doll I do have a few reservations about it. The shoulders are quite tight as is the bust area when buttoned but despite some of the drawbacks the tradeoff of feeling like I’m actually wearing my style has helped me immensely to get through winter!
-Leather Gloves
Also, this coat is so fun to spin in!
-Faux Fur Boot Cuffs
How dreamy is this mansion? I felt like I had tripped into Narnia with all the ornate lamp posts!
-Vintage Style Turban: Etsy
I’m kind of obsessed with this turban, I think it’s so fun mixing gothic and vintage inspired looks together to get a unique outfit.
 -Vintage Brooch: Etsy
Gotta love this art deco style silver brooch with black onyx stone
OUTFIT 3: This was my Valentines Day oufit; lots of velvet, pink, and red! My husband & I had a lovely and fancy high tea at this gorgeous castle and it was the perfect setting for my 3rd winter outfit.
-Red Rose Headband: Etsy
 I actually held a giveaway on Instagram for this headband I made that perfectly matched my outfit for Valentines Day.
-Red Rose & Black Lace Chocker: J. Cederstrom Design
My lovely and talented friend Jeanette made this beautiful gothic chocker and I would really recommend checking out her design page, she makes the most beautiful dresses as well!
-Pink Velvet Top: eBay
A funny story about this piece that is actually a dress. I have learned my less about buying dresses on eBay from China! They always look so cute on the models but on me they never fit right and there seems to always be something wrong with them. With this one not only did the listing say the dress was RED (and turned out to be a very bright pink) but the dress part was sooo short I had to stuff it under a skirt. It worked out though in the end when I realized it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit!
-Corset Belt: eBay
-Velvet Lace Skirt: Fashion store in California
-Victorian Style Boots: Funtasma
I really love the thorny rose bush branches and lamp post in this photo, a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband for shooting the video and taking the photos for my winter lookbook!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits in action in my winter lookbook video as well the photos. This is just one of 4 Seasons of lookbooks I did in Sweden so feel free to check out my other spring, summer, and fall lookbook blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel! If you’d like to see some fun BTS from my husband & I in a winter wonderland, you can watch HERE and HERE on Tales of Sheaves.

Don’t forget to follow me on lookbook.nu/lindsayofsheaves for more fashion & outfits! Which wintertime outfit AND location did you like the best?!?

Bye for now,
-Lindsay of Sheaves