SURPRISE!?! I moved from the WEST COAST to the EAST COAST of America! It was sudden yet not at the same time and there is a video + blog post all about it on Tales of Sheaves explaining more. So sorry for the silence on my blog + YouTube channel, but it feels good to be back! I hope this video + photos of the 6 retro goth inspired outfits I wore on our epic U.S.A. road trip makes up for my absence!

usa roadtrip lookbook_thumbnail

In the process of moving, my husband & I took decided to take a once in a lifetime epic road trip across the United States and I thought it’d be fascinated to document my outfits and changing landscapes of America the Beautiful along the way. I had fun putting together different looks from the clothes I packed that would fit each location! I’d love to know which is your favorite?!

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (1)

{OLD WEST} Our first stop was in Old Tucson, Arizona which felt like we had time traveled to the old west and into my favorite John Wayne western “Rio Bravo” which was actually filmed here! You know I had to put together a neo-victorian steampunk outfit for such an occasion.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Black Lace Parasol-eBay // Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Frilled Black Blouse-Savers // Brown Lace Belt-eBay // Black Lace Layered Dress-eBay // Black & White Striped Leggings-eBay // Black Boots

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (2)

{MY BIG ADVENTURE} Next stop, THE ALAMO, Texas! Yes, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure brought us here to find the basement and *might* have inspired my outfit but I learned so much about the history and that even Davey Crockett died there in the great battle.

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Vintage Style Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up // Cat Eye Sunglasses // Chevron Print Dress-DD’s Discounts // Black Tights // TUK Creepers

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (4)

{SOUTHERN MERMAID} In Lake Charles, Louisiana we got to hold baby alligators and swooned over the beautiful southern mansions on the lake front so I thought this goth pinup urban mermaid look was fitting.

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Mermaid Pearl Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Cat Eye Sunglasses // Black Mermaid Shells Crop Top-Adorkable Appearel // Boho Maxi Dress  // Studded Sandels-Payless

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (6)

{FRENCH GARDEN} New Orleans was somewhere I have always dreamed of going! The French Quarter was loud with jazz music and wildly crowded with tourists and all kinds of people.  We really enjoyed the beignets and gumbo soup and looking at all the beautiful architectural details. However, the Garden District was by far my favorite place we visited on our trip. We strolled along streets and streets of gorgeous historic southern mansions that were from my old-fashioned dreams.

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (7)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Maroon Blouse-Savers // Velvet Flocked Skirt // Black Tights // Shoes-TUK Footwear

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (8)

{MONTGOMERY ON SUNDAY} We drove into downtown Montgomery, Alabama on a Sunday to find it completely deserted, except for the families leaving an old brick church dressed in their Sunday best. Come to find out, that was the very church that Martin Luther King Jr. preached at and the state capital building right across from it was where he delivered his powerful speech, “How long? Not long!” after the march for civil rights from Selma to Montgomery.

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (9)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Bowler Hat // Gingham Dress & Leggings-H&M // Boots-Kohl’s

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (10)

{SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS} The mountains of Northern Georgia were blooming with gorgeous spring blossoms when we arrive to our final destination in Cleveland, Georgia. Working on a historic farm + living in the south definitely calls for plaid and red don’t you think?

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (11)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Bandana-Walmart // Red Denim Jacket-Savers // Gray Plaid Shirt-Ross // High Waisted Black Pants // Biker Boots

usa roadtrip lookbook_wm (12)

It felt surreal reaching our final destination on the other side of the country after a 1 week road trip. Workaway is something we had dreamed about doing for over a year, when we lived in Sweden, and that dream finally came true in the most unexpected way. I can’t wait to share my new adventures on the East Coast and our time at Mountain Laurel Farm through this wonderful cultural work exchange program. We’re already having a blast living the farm life and learning the wedding/B&B business in hopes of becoming innkeepers ourselves someday!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

November Outfits

Hello dearies! After all the events of Halloween time in October I must say it took me quite some time to recover! Jonas & I have also been trying to get on our feet again and therefore I’m afraid my outfits of November are some what lacking. Though this month has held some really rough moments in the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to remain grateful and leave you a quote from one of my favorite Irving Berlin songs:

“Got no checkbooks got no banks
Still I’d like to express my thanks
I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night
And with the sun in the morning
And the moon in the evening
I’m all right”

{MAKING CHRISTMAS} I was asked my my friend Savannah of Walt’s Classics to be apart of her vlogmas on her YouTube channel! I decided to do a ride through the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland and naturally I had to film in a Jack Skellington inspired DisneyBound outfit.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Jack Skellington Mickey Mouse Ears-Disneyland// Black Cardigan // Black & White Striped Dress-Savers // Corset Belt-eBay // Shoes-TUK Creepers

november outfits_wm (1)

{SNOW WHITE} When your hairstylist cuts and curls your hair to make you look like Snow White you run to Disneyland in your favorite Snow White Jenny skirt and take photos before it gets dark! Watch my hair & makeup update HERE! I also had so much fun asking my fellow princesses what they were thankful for this year for my YouTube channel.

november outfits_wm (2)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Black Cardigan // B&W Peter Pan Collar Blouse // Smpw White Silhouette Necklace-The Shadow Studio on Etsy // Red Apple Brooch-Femme de Bloom on Etsy // Snow White Skirt-Pinup Girl Clothing // Black Tights // Red Flats-Bait Footwear

november outfits_wm (4)

{VICTORIAN DAYDREAMS} Visited my favorite Victorian house in Anaheim again and this time to film our annual Married Life video. Each year we try to wear elements of outfits that we often wore that year so. So far this year since living in CA I’ve been quite fond of mixing Victorian and gothic elements.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Maroon Blouse-Savers // Velvet Flocked Skirt // Black Tights // Shoes-TUK Footwear

november outfits_wm (5)

{DOWN BY THE SEA} On my mother’s birthday we went to Balboa Beach for lunch and though it was chilly it was a beautiful day! I’ve found that adding cardigans and tights to summer dresses makes it feel like a whole new outfit for winter!

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Hair Scarf // Cat Eye Glasses // Black Cardigan // Chevron Print Dress-Ross // Black Tights // Black Flats-Payless

november outfits_wm (6)

{OAK GLEN} Oh it was delightful to revisit one of my favorite mountain towns in CA with my family! I’ve gone apple picking here each fall for as long as I can remember (besides my time spent living overseas) and the air was cool and crisp enough to wear my thrifted red denim jacket!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Red Denim Jacket-Savers // Gingham Dress & Leggings-H&M // Boots-Kohl’s

november outfits_wm (7)

{OLD WORLD VILLAGE} On the anniversary of Beauty and the Beast and on the occasion that we went to a European Christmas market at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach, I put together a gothic enchanted red rose inspired outfit where I felt like I was in my own little provincial town.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Rose Headband-DIY // Rose Chocker-Made by a Friend // Black Lace Blouse-Savers // Velvet Flocked Skirt // Black Tights // Shoes-TUK Footwear

november outfits_wm (8)

If you would like to see more photos + vlog of my November adventures with Jonas celebrating Thanksgiving in California for the first time in 3 years, just click HERE! Also, now that I’ve gotten a new phone I’ve been having a lot of fun using SNAPCHAT (lindsay.sheaves) where I share more snapshots of my daily life and personal things, but it only lasts 24 hours!

november outfits_wm (10)

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for YOU! Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

PIN-UP Beauty Products for VINTAGE Inspired Hair + Makeup

Here’s another update on my hair journey in my #ROADTORETRO series after my 3rd haircut since chopping off my long hair!

hair products update_thumbnail

I also reviewed some new products I’ve been trying from Kenra (Hot Spray Heat Protect & Volume Spray 25), M.A.C (Russian Red Lipstick), & KvD (Lock-It Powder Foundation in Light 42) to help me achieve that pin-up inspired look!

hair products update (8)

I’ve still got some healing to do and practice  until I may be able to achieve the “after” look on my own but each step forward is a step closer! Hear more of what I’ve learned on my journey by watching the video below!

Feel free to share with me any helpful tips for a newbie to the retro/pinup/vintage inspired world!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Halloween Lookbook + October Outfits

OCTOBER!!! The best month of the year! Even though every day is Halloween for me, I have extra fun putting spooky outfits together in the fall! I hope you enjoy seeing some of the outfits in action in the video below (Halloween Lookbook) plus a few extra outfits from October!

halloween lookbook_thumbnail

{MERVAMP} I’ve finally got my hands on a urban mermaid crop top from Adorkable Appearel by Traci Hines. I was so thrilled that she came out with black mermaid shells for a gothic mermaid like me, which was perfect to wear to Disneyland!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Striped Sweater-Thrifted // Black Mermaid Shells Crop Top-Adorkable // Pleather Skirt-? // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepershalloween lookbook_wm (1)

{TRICK OR TREAT} Speaking of Traci HInes, I got to be apart of something really exciting…a “Hocus Pocus” music video!!! Since moving to California I connected with Traci and helped with the set design of the witches lair which you can watch in her “Come Little Children” cover AND I even had a cameo in her “I Put A Spell On You” cover among the trick or treaters and this is the outfit I wore!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Witch Hat & Spider Web Cloak-Savers // Ruffle Top-Ross // Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store // Victorian Boots-Funtasma

halloween lookbook_wm (2)

{VINTAGE HALLOWEEN} Halloween time at Disneyland is one of my favorite things ever! My favorite decorations are at the Big Thunder Ranch where everything is perfectly vintage Halloween, which I thought fit SO perfect with my new dream dress from Sourpuss! Click HERE and I’ll show you my favorite parts of Halloween time at Disneyland!

halloween lookbook_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Hair Scarf-Expo // Vintage Halloween Dress-Sourpuss Clothing // Cropped Cardigan-Fashion Store // Fishnet Tights // Black Flats

  halloween lookbook_wm (4)

{SALLY} It’s been a dream of mine to do a Sally DisneyBound and I was so happy when I found this dress at Hot Topic.

halloween lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Sally Dress-Hot Topic // Lace Gloves-eBay // Corset Belt-eBay // Stitches Tights-Costume Store // Black & White Socks-Costume Store // Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (6) halloween lookbook_wm (7)

{PUMPKIN PATCH} Oh, there are few things that bring my heart greater joy than standing in a real live pumpkin patch! A worker commented when I came in saying, “Oh look you’re dressed for the occasion!” little did he know I do this all year ’round!

halloween lookbook_wm (8)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Parasol-eBay // Sunglasses-Expo // Spider Flower-DIY // Casper The Friendly Ghost Top-Walmart// Bats Skirt-Sourpuss Clothing // Striped Tights-Costume Store// Shoes-TUK Creepers

  halloween lookbook_wm (9)

{KURIOS} Since Jonas & my birthday have only 1 day in between my family treated us to see KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil and it was AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved the steampunk influences mixed with fantasy and I wish I owned more steam punk accessories but I thought this striped dress had a circus vibe to it and actually fit quite well with the epic big top!

 halloween lookbook_wm (13)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Orange Striped Hot Rod Honey Dress-Pinup Girl Clothing // Spider Flower Hair Clips-DIY // Shoes-TUK Creepers

halloween lookbook_wm (12)

If you would like to see more photos + vlog of my October adventures with Jonas celebrating our birthdays and Halloween just click HERE!

What was your favorite outfit? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Vintage Halloween WICKED WITCH Paper Moon Photo Shoot!


This one of a kind paper moon is hand crafted by DAPPSY and hand painted by Jonas! This wicked moon is inspired by some of my favorite vintage witches and I had fun getting ideas together with Jonas and planning the set design with Victoria, this is all a true dream collaboration! Watch the BTS video of us doing the set, figuring out the fog machine, and me trying to model!

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Pinup Girl Retro Fashion Haul + Review!

retro haul_thumbnail

Hi again! Coming at you guys with my first retro clothing haul and review! As I mentioned in my video (below) I finally made the jump and purchased my first retro clothing pieces for the D23 Expo, hence this gorgeous Snow White jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing (Size L)!

retro haul (8)

I had been eyeing this beauty for a long time now and was so thrilled they still had this print available on one of their most popular skirts! I love the quality of the material and vibrancy of the colors. It took me some getting used to the volume around the waist line but I just had to play around with it and see where it best sat on my hips and I adjusted to this new shape on me!

retro haul (7)

I’m also completely sold on Doll Me Up Inc’s vintage style hair scarfs, I can see myself buying many more colors as they are such a cute and easy way to dress up your hair, which is great for some one like me who had surgery on my hand recently and I can’t curl my hair every day.

EEKKK I’m just so thrilled I FINALLY own a Sourpuss Clothing Spooksville bat skirt (Size L)!!!

retro haul (9)

Even before I wanted to start building my retro wardrobe I had swooned over this amazing bat print and it is one of my favorite and more popular skirts! I get so many compliments every time I wear it and I love how the fabric is stiff enough on it’s own to flair out but still be very comfy. I find adding a belt is needed though to pull my outfits together.

retro haul (5)

My only purchase that I still haven’t put to use is this canvas underskirt from Pinup Girl clothing. I read the reviews and thought it’d be the perfect thing for me as I’m not ready to jump into the world of petticoats and thought this would help me transition into having lots of volume under my dresses and skirts. But alas, I just haven’t been able to figure out how to make it look right as it does in these photos. I will keep trying with different pieces to get the right fit and flair.

retro haul (11)

I still can’t believe how lucky I got finding this Hot Rod Honey dress by Pinup Girl Clothing at the Buffalo Exchange for $16 (Size M)!!!

retro haul (10)

I’m so blessed to have been able to have purchase the pieces above but I also love finding a good deal and treasure hunting at thrift stores, it’s a magical feeling when you find a beautiful dress like this just in your size, like it was waiting for you! I can’t get over how comfy and cute it is, perfect for fall!

retro haul (4)

I couldn’t find a photo or link from Stop Staring of this adorable red and white polka dot dress. It was gifted to me recently by my lovely friend Victoria and perhaps they don’t make the same style anymore, but I absolutely love it and it was the perfect retro Minnie Mouse dress for the D23 expo! I had to get it hemmed but otherwise it was a perfect fit (Size L)!

retro haul (6)

I hope you enjoyed my first retro clothing haul and review, click the video below to see the clothing in action and hear more of my thoughts! As always thank you for following along on my #roadtoretro as I rediscover my style and show you what I learn along the way!


Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

3 Disney Retro Inspired Outfits (D23 EXPO 2015)

My wonderful husband had surprised me this last Christmas (when we were still living in Sweden) with tickets to the D23 EXPO, the ultimate Disney fan event!!! I was so surprised and immediately started crying tears of joy! We knew we’d be moving to California in the new year but since Jonas was still in the midst of his green card process we weren’t sure when it would happen! There was always a part of us that was afraid to get too excited for this convention in case our crazy random lives took us elsewhere BUT we ended up moving to CA in July! So I can truly say that going to D23 was a dream come true after all our hard work!!!

d23 lookbook_thumbnailD23 is definitely a place for Disney fans to pull out their best Disney inspired costumes and cosplay. Alas, because of our current situation we didn’t even want to think about trying to figure out costumes (though we have many ideas for the future) and went with Disneybounding instead, which personally I love and find can be just as creative as cosplay, except you can wear it anywhere!

OUTFIT 1: For the first day I went with a classic Minnie Mouse inspired look! A sweet friend recently gifted me this cute red & white polka dot dress that instantly made me think of Minnie’s cute retro style!

d23 lookbook_grid (1)

Mickey Ears-Disneyland // Dress-Stop Staring // Belt-Thrifted // Red Everline Flats-Bait Footwear

d23 lookbook_wm (5)

OUTFIT 2: Saturday was the day we devoted to the “Once Upon a Time” panel “An Evening With Snow White & The Evil Queen” (which btw, I had a total fangirl moment when we saw Ginnifer Goodwin & Lana Parrilla walking the show floor and taking selfies a few hours before the panel which you can watch HERE)

d23 lookbook_grid (2)

Of course I had to do a Snow White Disneybound for this special occasion and I knew this skirt was exactly what I wanted for that retro/pinup outfit inspired by the fairest one of all! Isn’t the print divine?

d23 lookbook_wm (11)

I felt like a princess at the ball in my first ever Pinup Girl Clothing piece and I got so many compliments!

Hair Scarf- Doll Me Up Inc. // “Once Upon a Time” Necklace-DIY // Apple Necklace-Gift // Yellow Belt-Thrifted // Skirt-Pinup Girl Clothing // Black Flats-Payless

d23 lookbook_wm (9)

OUTFIT 3: By the 3rd day my feet were begging for comfort so I put together a more “casual” outfit showing off my Disney Goth side, which oddly enough I think got the most compliments when I felt like I was more dressed down than the other days! Go figure!

Bow-Swap meet // Top-H&M (In Sweden) // Skirt-Ross // Belt-eBay // Tights-eBay // Shoes-T.U.K. Creepers

d23 lookbook_grid (3)

Which outfit is YOUR favorite?! I had fun putting together these looks together and…I guess I like wearing red?!? I hope to do more Disney inspired looks in the future!

d23 lookbook_grid (4)

I hope you enjoy seeing the outfits in action as well as some clips from the expo! If you’d like to see the full coverage of this dream come true weekend just head over to Tales of Sheaves!

    Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


EEE!!! I took the plunge and cut off my long locks!!! Cutting my hair was the first step on my #ROADTORETRO which is going to be a series on my blog and YouTube channel where I take you along with me on my journey to recovery and rediscovering my style! Like I said in my vlog (below),  I know this isn’t something I can jump into because of my recent hand surgery as well as other factors like my weight gain from the surgery and that my husband and I just moving to California and are still settling in.

road to retro_haircut_thumbnail

This journey for me isn’t only about my quest to build my dream vintage/retro wardrobe, it’s more about my road to recovery. I went through a lot in the 3 years I lived in Sweden but it was an important journey for me to learn about my husband and his culture. Something I hadn’t counted on was how much I would learn about myself and see how strong I could be even if I didn’t feel like it at all. I feel very in tune with my inner self but sadly, I feel that hasn’t translated to my outer self in a very long time because of different circumstances.

My husband & I had to live very minimally in Sweden when we were going through his US visa process so we hardly acquired anything and I had to put off my desire for more vintage flair in my life. His visa process took us about a total of 2 years and during that time there just never seemed to be a point to start building my wardrobe or much of anything for that matter when constantly faced with an overseas move!

road to retro_haircut_wm (10)

But NOW, here I am writing from California, having only been here about a month now, and only 2 months into my hand surgery recovery and it finally feels like the right time to start taking the baby steps towards being able to show who I am on the INSIDE…on the OUTSIDE as well!

I’ve always been an old-fashioned kind of gal and I’m very passionate about classic movies which I have watched since as long as I can remember. I have always adored the fashion, hair, and makeup of the 1940s but being a spooky kind of gal I’ve also been draw to styles that mix gothic, rockabilly, and retro elements. I really look forward to mixing all the things that inspire me into my own personal style and feel like myself all the way around! But FIRST the haircut…

road to retro_theda bara

Having moved to a new area in California that I’m not so familiar with plus wanting to find a hair stylist that specializes in vintage hair, I turned to my trusty Yelp app and came across the The Vintage Hair Salon. I was instantly taken with the adorable website and the slogan “modern styles with a vintage feel.” I sent Lisa (owner/stylist) a text message and was so pleased to find out she had openings that week, since I felt like I couldn’t handle having this long thick hair in the California summertime any longer… ^^I was having some serious Theda Bara vibes! ^^

road to retro_haircut_wm (6)

Located in Newport Beach in the most quaint little studio, Lisa truly created a vintage hair salon where I felt like I had stepped back in time! Being a *retired* hair stylist myself, I couldn’t get enough of the vintage hair memorabilia and posters of so many of my favorite actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood!

road to retro_haircut_wm (5)

Now let me tell you about wonderful Lisa, she gave me one of the best consultations I’ve ever had by a stylist and I could tell she was truly listening and wanted to make sure I was comfortable each step of the way. This meant a lot since even though I was ready to cut my hair it was still a bit scary for me to cut so much length off. I explained to hear about my hand situation and how I can’t jump into a vintage style that I would have to style every day and with her guidance we came to a good solution of leaving it a longer length than a true “middy” haircut, add some face framing, and fix up my fringe.

She cut it at just the right length and as someone who has cut and fussed over my own bettie bangs for years, I could tell instantly she knew what she was doing. I was so thrilled about this since it’s been really hard for me to find someone I can trust with my rounded bangs. Since Lisa only has 1 chair and the whole studio to herself I didn’t feel stressed at all and she really took the time to get to know me and we had some amazing conversations!

road to retro_haircut_wm (9)

She showed me how to style victory rolls in my hair and used her straightener to give me some curls (though that’s something I’ll have to work up to doing daily myself). I left feeling like the cutest dame in Orange County and since we were so close to the beach my sweet husband took me for lunch at Woody’s Diner where I discovered the new best thing of my life…orange cream malted milkshake!

road to retro_haircut_wm (7)

Then we decided to spend some time at the historic Balboa village and walking around the charming shops and fun zone! All and all, a wonderful day and you can see more in the vlog + blog post of our July adventures HERE!

road to retro_haircut_wm (8)

I feel like the real transformation is already starting to happen and I’m proud of myself for taking the steps towards my goals and recovery, which also includes starting to work out again which has had it’s own challenges (you never realize how many exercise moves use your wrist until you can’t do them!)

I know it will take time to lose the weight, for my hand to heal, to build my wardrobe, and practice new vintage/retro hair and makeup techniques but at least I’m on my way! I think it will be interesting to document my journey and share what I learn along the way!

I’d LOVE to have you along for the ride on my “Road To Retro”, feel free to subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel to be notified of new posts and on Instagram where I post daily! I hope you enjoyed watching the vlog as well, where you can see my new haircut in action!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves