Swedish Summer Lookbook

Oh, lovely Swedish summer! Jonas & I had a wonderful 6 weeks visiting family, friends, and familiar places…plus a few new magical ones! I thought it’d be fun to do a Swedish summer lookbook of some of my favorite outfits I wore on the trip at some pretty epic locations! Hope you enjoy watching and coming along for the fashion adventures!

{MIDSUMMER} We spent midsummer’s eve at a charming open air museum full of the cutest old red farm houses. “Midsommar” is a celebration of the summer solstice and of light, everyone wears flowers in their hair and dances ’round the maypole!

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Flower Crown-DIY // Green Embroidered Dress-Ross // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (2)

{BOOK CAFE} It seems to be our midsummer day tradition to go for a “fika” at one of our favorite summer cafes; it’s full of books and delicious treats and of course the cutest exterior.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Floral Dress-Goodwill // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (3)

This thrifted dress for 5 bux is my new fav, it even has pockets! I wore it so many times this summer already, it was perfect for exploring the secret garden at Nynäs Slott.

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (8)

{CHRISTMAS IN JULY} Ok, technically this was in June and technically the charming town of Gränna has candy canes all year ’round…but when I found this dress at Goodwill I knew it’d be perfect for visiting the red & white striped town!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Hair Scarf-Doll Me Up Inc. // Poppy Dress-Goodwill // Black Cardigan-Fashion Store // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (1)

{ERICSBERGS SLOTT} This palace in Sweden took my breath away! I had always wanted to see it and it sure is grand…I actually felt intimated standing in front of it!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Floral Dress-Walmart // Dotted Tights-Target // Black Flats-Payless

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (9)

{NORDIC MERMAID} I spent a lot of time this summer hopping across rocks on the Swedish archipelago in search of nordic mermaids and selkies!

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (4)

I’m also obsessed with Faerie Magazine and this summer issue about mermaids and sea serpents takes me into a magical underwater world!

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (6)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Flower Hair Clip-Bonita Bellita on Etsy // Black Mermaid Shell Croptop-Adorkable Apparel // Black Maxi Dress-Walmart

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (5)

{MEDIEVAL FAIRE} I just adore viking faires in Sweden, especially when the market is set around a medieval castle like Torpa Stenhus. I had fun wearing my goth medieval inspired outfit again.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Black Mesh Shirt // Black Maxi Dress-Walmart// Gray Studded Belt

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (11)

{WONDERLAND} I sure felt like I had tripped down the rabbit hole when we went to Julita Gård. The roses were in beautiful bloom and we even found a magical wishing well!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cat-eye Sunglasses // Gray Ruffle Shirt-Goodwill // Black Flocked Skirt // Dotted Tights-Target // T.U.K. Creepers

swedish summer lookbook 2016_wm (7)

I sure hope you enjoyed coming along for the fashion adventure as much as I did putting together these outfits and running around magical places in Sweden! Let me know what YOUR fav outfit is + location and I hope to see you in a new post soon!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


BEHOLD! The long lost vlog of a trip to Söderköpings Gästabud, a medieval faire in Sweden! I originally recorded this with Jonas 3 years ago to be one of our first vlogs for Tales of Sheaves when we had just started making videos of our adventures for YouTube!

I’m pretty sure it never saw the light of day until now because that very weekend my beloved cat Samson passed away back home in California, and I was absolutely devastated to have not been there with him.


I came across this abandoned footage recently and realized it was perfect for my channel, medieval  goth inspired outfit included! I sure do love a good viking faire and this time travel was a welcome distraction from grieving my dear best furry friend.

söderköping (1)

I’m a bit embarrassed of how awkward we are in the video, we really didn’t know how to vlog, not that we do now 😉 but we are so much more comfortable in front of the camera now. Hope you enjoy going back in time with me to the middle ages!

Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves


Magical Castles in Sweden

One of my very favorite things to do in Sweden is visiting magical medieval castles and enchanted classical mansions!

Hope you enjoy coming along with me to Julita Gård + Säfstaholms Slott and learning some travel tips I’ve picked up on my journeys!

julita gård_wm (3)

The enchanting mansion at Julita Gård is an from the 17th century and boasts beautiful gardens, straight from a fairytale!

julita gård_wm (1)

The wishing well sure made me feel like a princess lost in time.

julita gård_wm (2)

In fact it did feel like traveling through time at this, Sweden’s largest open-air museum

julita gård_wm (5)

Some of the history goes as far back to the viking age!

julita gård_wm (6)

I felt like I had tripped into a portal to the shire where all these charming grass covered cottages were.

julita gård_wm (7)

I just adore the hand painted details of this door: “Welcome”

julita gård_wm (9)

I wish I could have explored more, it truly is a magical place with so much more to see!

julita gård_wm (8)

I sure enjoyed vlogging my time here and I hope to be taking you all with me on more mini adventures again soon! Bye For Now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Orange + Ice Cream in Trosa

Ahhh, Sweden in the summertime is a beautiful thing! My husband & I were in much need of a relaxing day together after a few weeks of dealing with my hand surgery and Jonas’ last few weeks at work. We knew Trosa would be the perfect place to go and wander, get some delicious ice cream, and soak in the sunshine.

trosa outfit_wm (1)

I was so happy to FINALLY bust out my summer dresses, though I was still a bit cold that day hihi! This orange dress with white embroidery felt perfect to wear in such a quaint little village!

trosa outfit_wm (2)

If you’re ever in southern Sweden you MUST stop in Trosa and take a stroll along the canal that runs through it. The doll house like buildings really make you feel like stepped into a fairy tale. trosa outfit_wm (5)

This “magical telephone booth” was something we hadn’t seen before!

trosa outfit_wm (4)

Such an darling idea to put a book exchange in an old-fashioned Swedish telephone booth!

trosa outfit_wm (3)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Orange Flower-DIY // Dress-Thrifted // Belt-Thrifted // Cropped Cardigan-Fashion Store in California // Flats-Walmart

trosa outfit_wm (6)

Would you care to take a virtual stroll through Trosa with me? You can see the vlog + blog post from our June HERE!

Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves

Black, White, & Red All Over

Merry Christmas in July! When and how did that even become a thing? polkagris_wm (7)

Before my husband & I moved to California this summer we planned a road trip to celebrate the Swedish “Midsommar” holiday with family and on the way he suggested we stop in Gränna. He showed me photos of the most quaint little village and instantly I knew I had to do an outfit inspired by their famous “polkagris” candy!

polkagris_wm (5)

Polkagris” (literally translated: polka pig) was first first invented in this town in 1859. The traditional shape is a peppermint flavored candy stick and the classic color combo of red and white stripes is what defines the meaning of “polka” and there are about a dozen old-fashioned candy shops scattered along the main street of the town where you can even watch them making them!

polkagris_wm (3)

I didn’t have any clothes that are red and white so I used this cute black & white striped and added red accents. I definitely felt apart of the little town’s color scheme and I think I got an odd look or two as well hihi!

  polkagris_wm (8)

Even though in Sweden “polkagrisar” aren’t necessarily a Christmas candy it sure feels like you’re at Santa’s workshop walking down the main street, aren’t the store fronts just too picturesque?!

polkagris_wm (9)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Red Rose Headband-DIY // Dress-Forever 21 // Belt-Thrifted // Leggings-Fashion Store in California // Necklace-eBay // Flats-Payless

Would you care to take a virtual stroll through Gränna? You can see the vlog + blog post from our midsummer weekend HERE!

Bye for now,

-Lindsay of Sheaves